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Ramesvara Is Playing Both Sides


The hypocrisy involved is very disturbing.

What credibility does Ramesvara have when he himself participated in creating the mess, after even having already admitted on record (1979) to the grave concerns Srila Prabhupada had about changing his books? So now it's not his fault because he and others just didn't care enough to look at what was going on? Am I suppose to believe that? It's a joke.

[PADA: I do not think anyone accepts that Ramesvara has clean hands, and he was NOT a big participant in creating the problems, its just that when a culprit admits guilt its a little bit of relief, especially to some of the victims.]

The reality of the situation is that the BBT(i) and the whole lot of them are in some serious trouble because by now they all have completely lost to the public opinion as it has become obvious nobody wants the edited books, and that most devotees (in or outside of ISKCON) are quite upset over what has happened over the years.

[PADA: Right!]

Therefore now they, the 'all powerful', need to peddle back on the issue, but they still must be in control of the status quo at the same time. So they devise PR projects to put one of their own men at the forefront of the issue. In other words, own the narrative. And who else better than Ramesvara, one of them, to be at the forefront and be worshiped like the hero that he is? — not. The problem is that it won't fly. They would need someone completely fresh, a new hero, to represent the issue for them before the public and continue to be in control. People are getting smarter nowadays. It's not so easy to manipulate anymore.

[PADA: Ramesvara sometimes says he does not want the books changed, but he also did NOT help us on the KBI lawsuit, rather he generally helps the bad guys, he is not consistent. At the same time, not really sure the GBC wants him to be their spokesman, since he has sided with both sides -- at different times. He has sometimes favored unchanged books, and at other times he has supported the current GBC and their policy of changed books.]

It's also equally incredible how such a concerted effort, going back at least three years involving many people, including the Arsa-prayoga website(s), continues to fail.

[PADA: Well maybe, except that our early 1980s PADA advertising the changed books issue, and later helping the KBI lawsuit, and now the Arsa-prayoga site, all these factors are getting more people involved in the book changes issue over the years.]

All jointly together who measure no restraint when it's time to glorify Ramesvara and his wonderful contributions to the cause of the original books, plastering Ramesvara quotes all over Facebook with pictures of Srila Prabhupada, writing articles on the subject quoting him and his interview as the new Bible, 'our saviour', making mention of his words at every possible comment, even making the long lasting cover of Facebook profiles with Ramesvara's quotes like it was the case of Ajit Krishna.

[PADA: Well he is not a savior, but people advertise him because he is an insider guy sometimes admitting to insider crimes, its interesting, just like the admissions of a MAFIA don is interesting.]

Has Ramesvara saved anything or anyone? He is just as guilty in the whole editing fiasco as Jayadwaita Swami. So give me a break. It's utterly ridiculous. It has been getting more and more obvious what the agenda and modus of operation is surrounding this issue. In other words, the narrative must be owned, whichever side it is, one of 'them' participating club members need to be at the representation of it before the public. That's how things get controlled.

[PADA: I really don't think anyone wants to "own" a dubious character like Ramesvara, rather his statements are of interest to the topic, just like Hansadutta's admitting the ritvik order was the only order is interesting, but who wants to "own" Hansadutta's credibility? Nobody we know at least? Their statements are for public interest, this does not mean they own the narrative, they support the main narrative that the books should not be changed -- at least they help the issue somewhat, but they do not own the story by any means.]

Meanwhile they don't want to hear from anyone who is not in agreement with them. Their only concern is to make sure one them is at the top doing the talking and the representing, and thereby feed whatever they want to the public. Actual work and real solutions, oh, that will take 50 years of more bureaucracy, while the world continues to go to hell without Srila Prabhupada's original books printed and mass distributed.

So it must be owned, the narrative, and it must be owned by one of the members of the club who will then do a 'wonderful' job at representing it, dominating it, and of course, sooner or later, distorting and manipulating it to suit the agenda of the rascals. This is how it works.

Those who are so desperate to be your friends and saviors are actually quite the opposite. They only know how to continue acting like the cheap manipulators that they are, for they have mastered the art of preying on the ignorance and naiveness of the masses.

Krishna Kirtan
27 December 2014

[PADA: OK the actual narrative is that the books should not be changed, and that is winning, albeit slow but sure.]

Madhudvisa dasa ( did some amazing work in this battle for the original books, but he has also fallen short of being thoroughly open and honest about it, and now it shows even more clearly. This cannot go unnoticed. I'm yet to hear an honest and valid response to these raised concerns.

ISKCON is Changing Srila Prabhupada's Books -- Hare Krishna!
Srila Prabhupada's greatest gift to us is his...

You see, the problem #1 is not actually the BBT(i). That's actually easy to handle if the matter is managed by thoroughly honest and forthcoming individuals. The actual problem is 'OUR' side, or those who are supposedly representing (or trying to) the books issue and the original books so eagerly before the public. That's really issue #1!

Who could have imagined that the very people who are posing as defenders of the original books are in fact not all that forthcoming and are potentially playing both sides? Nothing should surprise anyone anymore.

[PADA: We have had some originals printed, and there is now a big demand for originals, thus some progress is better than nil. Bottom line is that Ramesvara is not totally reliable and credible, agreed, however his admission that originals were the order of Srila Prabhupada are of interest to the topic -- he knew all along the changed books were not authorized, that helps our cause, although his help is limited since Ramesvara's credibility is limited. 

At least the issue is NOW (finally!) being discussed openly at present, that's way better than the 1980s when almost no one wanted to help us pursue this issue in public forums, and almost everyone ran away and hid when we brought it up. The issue is now out in the open, and that in itself is great progress. ys pd] 

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