Monday, January 12, 2015

"Godman" Critic Shot Dead

[PADA: Exposing bogus God men can be a very dangerous program, as we know first hand. Apparently, Krishna wanted me to live to get out information out, hence right now a lot of people accept that PADA's exposes of these issues is correct and valid, and its really "too little too late" to put the genie back in the bottle on these issues.

PADA's original site is still getting minimum 50,000 hits a month even today, although at one point it was getting 500,000 or more a month. The info is out there now and it cannot be contained back into the GBC's control. And now, many of the documents we originally promoted on that site have been entered into the Supreme Court of India in Delhi, so these arguments and points are getting more coverage all the time.

We are pretty confident the PADA view will prevail in time. However, it should always be known and understood that bogus guru cults can be dangerous, so we should be careful about allowing such odious out croppings in future to evolve in ISKCON circles. ys pd]   

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