Monday, January 5, 2015

Death Threats from BBTI Staff?

[PADA: Join the club Ajit Krishna das, yes this is how these goondas behave. ys pd]

Death Threats from BBTI Staff?


I was very surprised when I recently received what I understood to be a death threat from a devotee who works for the BBTI. His name is Jahnu Dvipa dasa. He is from Denmark, and he supports the BBTI and the book changes, whereas I do not. Recently we bumped into each other in a Facebook group, and suddenly I got this message from him:


I asked him if this was a threat. I got no answer. Two other devotees from Denmark, who both know Jahnu dasa, also saw this as a threat. And I am wondering if this is Jahnu dasa's personal feelings, or if he has been instructed to attempt to intimidate me! And if it is the case, do they really expect that I stop defending Srila Prabhupada's original books because of this?

It is to me a complete mystery how a devotee working for the BBTI could be tempted to bring such a behavior into a philosophical discussion on the topic of the changes to Srila Prabhupada's books. Are they still living in the '80s ISKCON, or does this Jahnu dasa think that he is involved in some kind of devotee mafia who think that they - if they do not get their way in a discussion, and cannot defend their standpoints in a logical, philosophical and reasonable way - should turn to this kind of behavior?

Is this really the standard that we are now to expect when exchanging with BBTI staff members?
Please see the exchange between Jahnu dasa and myself below:

It might be a little difficult to see the picture here, so I took this screenshot:


Here is how the two other devotees from Denmark, who both know Jahnu dasa, responded when they saw what he wrote:

Kamsahanta dasa later wrote to me that he never got an answer from Jahnu dasa.
If this was not a threat, then why did Jahnu dasa not say so? He was asked twice, and he saw that other devotees saw it as a potential threat. He deliberately chose to stay silent. Why?
Your aspiring servant,
Ajit Krishna dasa

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