Thursday, January 22, 2015

Goa CM: God Makes Mistakes

Making Huge Mistakes?

[PADA: The Chief Minister of Goa India is saying -- because some people are born disabled -- that is proof God is negligent and He is making mistakes. Nope! The disabled are getting born with their past karma. A disabled person who is born with no legs -- maybe chopped off someone else's legs in their last life, or maybe they chopped off the legs off of animals in a butcher shop, and now they have no legs.

A king who whips the blind beggars in front of his palace -- might take birth as a blind beggar himself -- and be whipped while begging in front of the same palace, ad infinitum. This Goa CM apparently does not understand the laws of karma. Its sometimes amazing to us how ignorant we find some of India's teachers, scholars, government leaders and even gurus, whom are so fallen away from Vedic knowledge.

PADA's karma was to say that God's successors are not conditioned souls, and to be beaten with shoes for saying that. We sometimes cannot change our destined suffering, so we just have to become Krishna conscious and surrender to the Lord. ys pd]

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