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Lone Wolf re: Aniruddha das

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Lone Wolf: I’m sharing another video here about Aniruddha, who is Pradyumna’s son, not for gossip’s sake, but to illustrate what the tragedy of ISKCON’s illegal takeover by phony gurus has done to what was once a nice Krsna conscious family, an historic Hare Krsna family actually.

Aniruddha was a beautiful devotee boy when he was younger. I’m not sure exactly what happened to him or his mother, but Srila Prabhupada wrote these famous words to his mom, Arundhati-devi dasi, on July 30, 1972:

“Child-worship is more important than deity-worship. If you cannot spend time with him, then stop the duties of pujari. At least you must take good care of your son until he is four years old, and if after that time you are unable any more to take care of him then I shall take care. These children are given to us by Krishna, they are Vaishnavas and we must be very careful to protect them. These are not ordinary children, they are Vaikuntha children, and we are very fortunate we can give them chance to advance further in Krishna Consciousness. That is very great responsibility, do not neglect it or be confused.”

I know an ex-gurukuli boy who sadly committed suicide a few years ago. He was the son of a once famous ISKCON temple president.

ISKCON’s history is unfortunately riddled with one such tragedy after another. Why? Srila Prabhupada set up ISKCON to be the saving grace of humanity, but instead it’s turning into a graveyard of ghostly and ghastly stories like the one above. All because a handful of selfish men colluded together to usurp the mission of Krsna’s pure devotee, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada.

They wanted (and want) to enjoy the opulences of the spiritual master (guru bhogis) at any cost, and so they are destroying so many promising lives -- right, left and center -- leaving behind a trail of broken and dead bodies in their wake. What a shame, what a crying shame. May Krsna and Prabhupada please save us all.

[PADA: Correct, and as soon as we helped save several hundred of these children from being in these schools, if not suicide, we were beaten with shoes, because some people actually wanted these children to just "disappear." And these children knew that, that they were being ignored, shunned and marginalized, and this caused them to suffer and feel all the more alienated. So this is a big problem, the children's situation was never properly acknowledged and rectified. ys pd] 

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