Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vyas Puja Poem by Gauranga Sundara das

A Poem by me
My eternal gratitude to our Srila Prabhupad
Giving a home with dance and songs of a loving God
-------------------- Hearing of God's kingdom, where the Lord is only a boy
Having a Mata and Pita and girlfriends who are full of joy
-------------------- Always making tasty arrangements for THAT BOY's pleasure they seek
This is a world of love and devotion given to the surrendered and the meek
-------------------- To be in such a world where everything is always fresh and new
A place where everything is based on love for THAT BOY so true
--------------------It's a place that's worth the price, for it's all and more than we desire
A pure, all enjoying, perfect and complete, a place where we never tire
-------------------- For it's filled with devotion and love for the Source of all that be
Fir the Gopis, Gopalas and pure devotees, it's THAT BOY, yes, only He!
-------------------- THAT BOY who is the supreme Lord in all places below and above
He is conquered by love and love alone - that is what Sri Radha's made of
-------------------- She loves THAT BOY so much so that THAT BOY is sold out to her heart
Their love binds Them so well together, it's hard to tell Them apart
-------------------- That is the real world with our real lovers, Jaya Sri Radha Syam!
While begging for this mercy, take up with this Hari Nam
-------------------- So beg dear sisters and brothers with all your heart and soul
To get this loving mercy and to be freed from death's toll
-------------------- It's how we get this mercy from this Boyish loving God
My eternal gratitude to our Srila Prabhupad!
Vyasa Puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada
Dear Srila Prabhupada,
Please accept my respectful obeisances.

Today I am reflecting upon your causeless mercy. You have roamed the world collecting the broken glass of our worthless lives. Lord Caitanya has commissioned you for this miraculously task.
O most merciful Srila Prabhupada, you are repeatedly impressing upon us the intense urgency for Krsna consciousness. You clearly see the tragic waste of human lives as the world’s population rushes into the jaws of death.
At times you humbly appeal to us with the tearful pleas of a loving mother. At another time you may expose our ignorance with the roar of a lion. You have shown us how to utilize all that Lord Krsna has created, to awaken sleeping souls from the slumber of illusion. The world is addicted to drinking the poison of material enjoyment. You have given us the opportunity to realize, in this very life, Krsna, the embodiment of all rasas.
When will we wholeheartedly respond to your urgent call? Life is passing quite rapidly. How intensely are we calling out the holy names? How faithfully are we studying your sacred books? How determined are we to preach your mission to suffering humanity? How lovingly are we serving your beloved servants?
O Srila Prabhupada, you have entrusted us with the integrity of your divine legacy. I pray with all my heart that in a spirit of genuine humility we may be united in serving your sweet will. In pleasing you we will find shelter in the dust of your lotus feet. Let that dust be our ultimate aspiration, birth after birth.
Praying to become your faithful servant,
Gauranga Sundar Dasa

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