Sunday, August 17, 2014

Narayan Maharaja samadhi fail?

[PADA: Seems there is no interest in fixing it? Above web site meant for coordinating NM's samadhi program has been either closed, sold or shut down? Badger devotee wrote that there is no money for the program there and it may have to close. NM temple in LA was sold and shut down. Where have all their living gurus gone?

Some of the NM folks have evidently spent more on their personal car than on their entire guru's samadhi program, or so it seems? NM was a big fan of the GBC gurus who are making "samadhis" for all kinds of fools, even they have better "samadhi" structures than this one. Has none of these people ever watched how to build a structure on home depot's youtube videos? Yes, a NM devotee wrote PADA a few days ago that there are 20,000 disciples in the NM sangha, ummm, they cannot collect a dollar from each person to build something? ys pd]

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