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GBC's Marriage Interference

Maha Vishnu Swami (UK)

[PADA: GBC gurus often interfere with marriages, which often breaks them down, causing a huge divorce problem. They also sometimes marry people off in some sort of concocted "ceremony," which is both immoral and illegal. Here is another example of the GBC gurus breaking down a marriage, and "marrying" off a woman who was -- still legally married to someone else! Notice all the grief and pain they caused the husband of this woman. ys pd]  

"Hopefully, as one's age increases, so does ones wisdom and maturity. Therefore, they may not be as ridiculously stupid as the immature ISKCON leaders were in 1978." Ys, Ptd

Reading the above by Ptd prabhu made me laugh for the following reason; I just received BTP 29 today. There are a few sentences about Maha Vishnu marrying Premji's wife to someone else.

"Maha vishnu sami: He rightfully complained to our ISKCON authorities in UK that an ISKCON sannyasi had done such a thing. Kripamoya and Praghosa prabhus in the UK brought me to task and I began to realize the negligence and foolishness of my actions. Then after further realisation and regret and on their advice I sent a marriage annulment letter to the parties concerned. I stated in that letter that as the couple were not unmarried, the marriage I had conducted was not authorised morally or legally and therefore it was being annulled by me."

Prem wrote to me at the time as we used to talk sometimes. At the time I wasn't sure if the contents of his e-mail was true as I thought that even though ISKCON gurus are stupid. They are not stupid enough to do this. I've never seen or heard from Premji again.

On Sun, 3/1/09, P.Gxxt <> wrote:

From: P.Gxxt <> Subject: Hare Krishna

Hare krishna Dear Prabhu i would like to ask you for your help to find me the the emails of every GBC in europe as I have written an email with some of my concerns which I am forwarding to you (its very personal) and I also would Like to send it to all GBCs in europe. I would be more than thankful if you could send me a list of GBCs emails addresses. hare krishna

Dear devotees and maharajas to which this email will be sent to. Please accept my humble respects to you and all the vaishnavas. My name is Premananda Sukhy Dasa I am a Brazilian national and I first took my first and only initiation in 1999 after a long term relation with the Hare Krishna movement and with my dear guru mahaja HH Param Gati Swami. (Its important to remark that my opinions reflect my individual mind and therefore should not be compared or taken as if I am writing on my Gurus behalf).

Ever since then I have served and lived in few temples in Brazil and also in Lisbon /Portugal. I currently live in London/UK where I work as full time teacher , I am also known to most of the regulars and residents devotees of our Dear Soho temple where Radha-london-isvara resides First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of language skills but the message that I would like to deliver has very little to do with language skills or erudition.(so if the message does not come clear, I would be happy to explain to anyone with a genuine concern).

The story line and the issues i want to raise goes as such: Few weeks ago a group of devotees from London, Europe and other countries went to a trip mission to Africa under the guidance of H.H Mahavishnu Swami for whom I know very little and for whom I have great respect for. My wife ( Radhika Maharani DD) who was also invited by some devotees to this trip , also went to Africa with them. Me and Radhika Majarani DD got married in London in 2002 and in 2004 our son Ishtan Dasa was born.

Its true to say that things between me and her in the last year or so was not that good and therefore we both amicably decided to not be together anymore and have a break to try to work things out as much as possible we could and to have a good and decent relation with each other but we never got divorced nor did we move out from our homes though. It was for two main reasons which are: First is that I live in the UK under the visa of a husband of someone who is a European national (she is European) and divorcing would result in beaurocratic complications and the second and if not the most important of the two main reasons was that things were never really clear whether it would be definitive or not to divorce as we were never sure if one day, sooner or later we would be together again as we still lived together (me, her and our son) till the very last day before she went to Africa, and as anyone else in this material world we tried to solve the problems which we both lived under.

At first when she decided to go to Africa was I was the first person to encourage her to go as it would have been a great experience (as i believe it were) and also that it would be good for both of us to have a break from each other.(a break from routine life at home) I took some time off and went to Israel/Palestine for 10 days ,during my trip I had the great pleasure to visit Tel aviv temple on bhaktisidhanta saraswati takur depapearence day, where all the devotees(most Russians) were very warm and welcome and where the prasadam was just amazing (thank you so much).

I made my way back to London on Feb.15th and since that day I only hear from my wife only once which was 2 days ago when she came back to London. For my surprise she never came back home was it would have been the normal and the expected. I phoned her few times till I could get hold of her later that night where we had a short conversation and where she told me that she was not going to come back home. After i put the phone down i went to the place where she was, and for my great surprise again i found her in a room where a devotee Rukmini Dasa was and she wouldn't leave the room.

Obviously it was not my house therefore I had no choice to only speak with her in front of him (which at the beginning was not a big deal) but the most striking for me was when I saw a finger ring (gold type) in one of her finger and I asked her what that was for or if she was engaged with someone, her reply was -- '' yeah , I got married.'' I was totally shocked and perplexed. I could not believe if was a joke or not (and I still cannot figure that out) after few moments of surreal explanations and despair I left and rode my bike back home where I had a hard time concentrating, sleeping, eating or rationally thinking.
With Krishnas mercy all will be good!!!

But I managed to calm down on my feelings and even though I find myself very sad and depressed I could organize some my thoughts in a logical order where I raise some serious questions up about Vaishnava ethical practice and if any of you could help me to understand to solve these questions I am more than glad to accept any good and decent explanations based on the Vedas. Although I just would like to clarify that this has very little to do with her (Radhika Maharani DD) happiness and I also would like to express that if that is really what she wants and believe to be the best for her, (although I don't believe that she is acting rationally).

I then shall wish all the happiness and blessings that Krishna can give to someone who wants to live a married life in Krishna consciousness.First in order to construct my first question you must acknowledge few things in a certain order: Radhika Maharani DD although an excellent devotee of the Lord is very new in Krishna consciousness and therefore very naive in many ways, this does not reflect on her intelligence which I would consider under normal circumstances very high and sharp. She was initiated less than a year ago during Param Gati swami's vyasa puja in Lisbon in 2008 (again it also does not inflict whether in anyhow on questioning his seriousness and qualifications) another important and if not the most serious question to point out is that H.H Mahavishnu Swami who knew absolutely NOTHING about Radhika M DD, not even her name before she went to Africa -- or what to say about her personal life, could have her married in a fire ceremony in Africa, only few days after he met her!

And without the consent or/and blessings of her guru?

I personally (based on my own experience and with a good sense of reality)find it totally out of order. (i honestly wish and I pray that I am wrong).specially coming from someone with such great reputation. Here is my question: as he knew NOTHING at all about her (or only what she might have told him which is still not enough to take such action) and as its said on Srimad Bhagavatam 5.26.8 ''My dear King, a person who appropriates another's legitimate wife, children or money is arrested at the time of death by the fierce Yamadutas, who bind him with the rope of time and forcibly throw him into the hellish planet known as Tamisra On this very dark planet, the sinful man is chastised by the Yamadutas, who beat and rebuke him. He is starved, and he is given no water to drink. Thus the wrathful assistants of Yamaraja cause him severe suffering, and sometimes he faints from their chastisement.''

How could Maha Vishnu swami marry her to another man when she is still married to me????????????
Its a fact to say that we are not religiously married in a fire ceremony (agni-hotra) as prescribed in the samskara but its also a fact to say that we are legally married under the British law. And that (to the best of my knowledge ) we would still live together as it was agreed Between both of us and we would try once more and harder to solve our material lives problems together as its said in the garga upanisad: "He is a miserly man who does not solve the problems of this life as a human and he who thus quits this world like the cats and dogs, without understanding the science of self-realization.''

Putting the science of self realization aside which we all regardless of our legal status can reach by Krishnas mercy, i needless to say have problems and compromises to solve and to accomplish but it does make me feel much like a failure when things have changed so drastically over a so short period of time.

I still haven't heard from Radhika M dd, I still don't know how things are going to be like and I still don't know how our lives are going to be since she wont come home no more and since I probably wont see my son everyday/week and maybe month as im used to .all this spiritual matters has affected my material life both emotionally, psychologically and spiritual practice as it has trembled maybe 00.1% of my faith in what concernspossible mistakes made by vaishnavas.

Another and yet important point is that she just met her new husband for whom i believe she is (or they are) totally "in love"' with each other (which is to say, MAYA!) apart from seen it as a lack of respect from both hers, his (her new husband) and from H H Mahavishnu Swami whom consented and executed the ceremony in which they bounded their recently met souls together

I Find it morally devastating and simultaneously so surreal that someone so young and so new in the krishna counciouness could manage to convience a well respected sanyasi to marry her to someone when he bearely knew anything about her (as I said, Maha vishnu did not even know her name before she went to Africa few weeks ago). How could he consent, agree, encourage, accept, and give his Blessings to such strange and mundane event as simple as that Going to africa for a spiritual journey and coming back with a new husband?

Those are some concerns of a simple vaishnava who is or try his best to be a decent man, a good father and a servant of the servant. I have written a long and extensive letter in a language which is not my language please accept my apologies if in anyhow I committed an offense to any of you including and specially H H Mahavishnu Swami to whom this email will also be sent to, I did not intend in anyhow to offend you.

I also like to express my gratitude for all devotees who showed some solidarity and respect to me in the last few days. I wish you all a Great Gaura Purnima All glories to Sri Guru and Sri gouranga yours sincerely and well-wisher most fallen servant, Premananda sukhy dasa

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