Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Christian Protestors at Rathayatra

PADA: These guys come out every year and try to blast the Los Angeles Ratha festival with bull horns talking fire and brimstone. I don't think they really understand this -- we love Jesus already. The guy in the cow suit is really a hoot though, check out those udders! What is especially ironic is -- by killing and eating cows, one may then have to take birth as a cow. In that case, the "cow suit" will be an actual full-on cow's body. 

All we really have to do is look at life in the USA to realize that the modern Christians and their ideas are not making for a very happy society. Instead, they seem to have made a sort of intense "rat race" civilization with a very unfortunate lack of concern for the animals, the environment, and so forth. 

In any case, we are not really trying to beat up on them, they mean well and they are trying to help others as best they can according to their understanding, problem being, they have not got a very happy alternate. These people never seem to look very happy with all their fire ball preaching. 

Many Christian street preachers here in San Francisco are generally seen basically the same way, as yelling and shouting about things like -- The homosexual's "invasion" of the city; The end times are near (or started already); How they will be lifted up to heaven and we will still be left here; How armageddon is starting soon -- and that's a good thing because it means Jesus is near; How the Devil is taking over San Francisco, and "on and on" with all that, ok a sort of depressing messaging process. 

They need to work on their messaging. I was a security guard some years ago for an African American Christian church program -- they rented a huge building for singing and dancing to modern Christian gospel music, and that was very wonderful, in fact it was foot stomping good, yep it was something like a kirtana. That's the better message process these guys need to get working on. ys pd          

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