Friday, August 22, 2014

Unhappy With India's "Reform"

[PADA: This is a big problem everywhere, including in many religions. There is a big clamor for a reform, the "reformers" take charge, but then the reformers have a hard time turning events around, or the reformers are perceived as being "the same old wine in a new bottle." The reformers are sometimes seen as perhaps not too much unlike the people they replaced. ISKCON has had so many reforms, reformers, and promises from all sides to fix things, no one can count them, but it just seems to be business as usual in many cases. 

Even the Catholic Church is now saying they are going to reform and get rid of their deviant priests. The only thing some in the Church have said recently that makes any sense is -- that the Church may allow married priests. PADA agrees that is a good idea. That is basically what Srila Prabhuada was saying in 1977, artificial renunciation, i.e. sannyasa, its not working, these people should get married. Anyway, we hope India will get some useful reforms out of all this, lets see how it all unfolds. ys pd]     

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