Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Politics over Madhudvisa's departure?,4545/

[PADA: Yep, Madhudvisa das first of all left ISKCON after 1978, and he was for many years living in Badger, in part when I also lived there. He talked to me a few times about the issues, and he said that he agreed with me on this point at least -- he could not endorse the GBC's illicit sex gurus.

OK to be honest, nor could he endorse my idea of opposing them so vociferously. He thought my opposing technique was a little to harsh. Yet he did not see any fault with my basic idea that the acharya must be a pure devotee, he said that is the correct siddhanta.

OK, he did not say that he endorsed the GBC's illicit sex gurus program. We have heard reports that some of the GBC gurus are now lecturing that he was always part of ISKCON. Nope. Even in Los Angeles he had his own place and was separated from the temple. In any case this shows how desperate the GBC is, they now try to make it sound like all the God brothers were happy with their illicit sex, self-appointed and violent goonda GBC's guru program, nope, they were not.

There is no evidence that Madhudvisa wrote that he supported the GBC gurus, that we have seen at least. We think the GBC gurus are making politics over his departure, at a time when he is not here to defend, deny or correct statements attributed to himself. He wrote a poem saying that charisma alone is not enough to make one a guru, sounds like he was poking holes in the GBC's gurus, if anyone has that poem please send it to me. ys pd     

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