Friday, August 8, 2014

India Court's Lack of Discrimination?

ISKCON Secretary, 2 Advocates Face Trial

BANGALORE, INDIA (EXPRESS NEWS SVC) — The High Court on Wednesday framed charges against the secretary of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and two advocates for criminal contempt of court.

[PADA: The PADA editor is still not getting it? The current GBC party has a policy of promoting the apa-siddhanta that illicit sex, drugs, and even criminal action occurs, and apparently occurs quite often, in God's parampara successors, gurus, messiahs and acharyas. Then, the courts of India accept that the people making these odious claims are valid, by allowing their case as valid? 

Worse, the courts there apparently keep saying that the party that does NOT want to worship illicit sex as their messiahs has to "make a deal of cooperation" with the party that DOES worship illicit sex as their messiahs. The people who worship Jesus have to "make a deal" with the worship of Satan? What kind of court is that, "you cannot simply worship Jesus, you have to compromise with the worship of Satan."   

Meanwhile, the good news is that any ten year old Christian child in the USA knows that illicit behavior is not found in God's messiahs, gurus and parampara successors, since even a Christian child has more theological sense than these big courts apparently do. Thus, even any ordinary USA child can stand head and shoulders above all these folks in a theological dispute. 

It simply amazes us how fooled these court people are. Any ten year old USA child knows that deviants are NOT EVER Jesus's and God's guru successors, whereas it appears that some of the biggest leaders of the courts in India have no idea what is the standard for God, His successors, and His acharyas. Worse, some of our critics are advising we surrender to the standards of current (corrupted?) Hindu society, ummm, we need to accept that the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children guru programs are bona fide -- because the courts accept this party as valid?  

And this seems to be a big problem all over the place in India. We commonly read articles from the "India news feeds" on a regular basis how "gurus" if not "avatars" over there are being arrested for having sex with disciples, and so on and so forth. Srila Prabhupada also warned us that people in India tend to be sentimental and they may accept all kinds of tom-foolery as their swamis, gurus, acharyas and avatars etc.

We also had a debate with some current Narayan Maharaja's followers recently, who were arguing with PADA's editor -- that it is the brand NEW ISKCON bhaktas who should decide "who is going to be their guru in ISKCON." Apparently, there is not much of a standard for "who" should be the acharya, its just "anyone the new guy thinks is the acharya, is the acharya." Suppose the new bhakta thinks his uncle Willy is the acharya? 

Meanwhile, Narayan Maharaja said that Srila Prabhupada had told him ALL of his disciples are MONKEYS, and thus NM needs to help these "monkeys." Then, just after saying that ALL of the disciples are monkeys, Narayana Maharaja validates that 11 of these monkeys are gurus, just like the folks in the courts over there validate these GBC as gurus. 

There is a pattern here, the courts seems to be validating false gurus, acharyas, avatars and what not, and people like Narayan Maharaja are saying that the most neophyte and untrained people should be in charge of determining who are the successor acharyas to Krishna in India's guru tradition. The mental patient with no training in psychology, needs to be placed in charge of the National Board of Psychologists? This will degrade the standards for acharyas, and it has.   

Suppose "the new guy" decides the temple president's wife is the next messiah, and that would mean everyone else, including all the people in India, have to accept that she is the next messiah, because the new guy says so? The "new guy" determines who is the next successor to Krishna? How can we manage a religion where the new bhaktas are the group that is allowed to decide who is the acharya and who is not?
Lets say in theory that some bogus party wanted to establish that an illicit sex guru's club was the "guru successors to Jesus" in the USA courts. First of all, they'd have a hard time even getting into any court, the courts would resist accepting such a deviated party into their court, at all, saying these people have no valid claims. Next, even if there was some deviated party in court in the USA that was saying "the successors to God and Jesus" are engaged in illicit sex, drugs and criminal acts, there would be tens of thousands of Christians in front of the court, protesting that the court was allowing such fools into the court arena in the first place. 

The Christians would not tolerate having such fools validated by the courts, they would protest. Yet we do not see even one person with one sign protesting the India courts that are validating programs making India's acharyas as illicit sex?  

The other good news is -- that BY KRISHNA'S GRACE -- I grew up in a Christian land where almost NO ONE, ok really no one that we ever heard of anyway, accepts that Jesus's and God's successors are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. And if some group of clowns was saying "the successors to Jesus and God are often debauchees," they would not be allowed to go to court, they would be considered as personna non grata criminal deviants by the court. 

Next, even if these deviants somehow sneaked into a USA court saying that the successors to Jesus are often debauchees, thousands of Christians would be protesting in front of the court "Judges, get these illicit sex messiah's programs out of your courts, do not validate them by allowing them into court." There would be MASSIVE protests if anyone was claiming that the successors to Jesus and God are debauchees, and they were being validated by the courts here.

Thank God then, that I grew up in a place where people have some solid idea that the acharya, the successor to God, the person who is like Jesus, MUST BE PURE! And thank God I then met Srila Prabhupada, who told me many of the people in India HAVE NO DISCRIMINATION which is why they worship all sorts of tom-foolery as their messiahs and avatars, and they even allow such fools to get traction in the courts over there. What amazes us is how the courts over there allow the worship of illicit sex guru programs to go into court and allow the filing of ANYTHING on their behalf. AT ALL! And its more amazing that the general public, much less even one person with a sign in front of the court, complains about this process!

So we are very blessed indeed to have grown up in the CHRISTIAN West, where it is understood without any doubt or reservation -- that the acharya has to be pure. We are doubly blessed to know that is also the factual standard for India's original culture from Srila Prabhupada, despite a whole lot of people there, including apparently some of these courts, seem to be totally clueless on these matters. There are people who complain PADA editor is in part a Christian, you betcha! 

We believe that the acharyas must be pure, and that is what the Christians also believe. Whereas some of these India courts allow in the worshipers of illicit sex with men, women and children "acharyas / messiahs" to be in their court -- and accepted as valid legal entities. That means, they apparently have not understood even the very basics of spiritual ideals. Or what else does it mean? So this is a blessing from God, to know that His successors must be as pure as God is. 

And it seems there are a lot of people who are clueless on this issue, including many of our God brothers who tell us "acharyas sometimes fall down," as well as some of these compromised India courts, and many big so-called gurus like Narayana Maharaja, etc. who have all validated the debauchee messiahs program. Krishna is of course the best cheater / joker in the universe. If some bogus persons / alleged gurus / and / or courts want to be cheated and accept a program that says His successors are debauchees, He lets them think that way. If one wants to be a fool, Krishna allows one to be a fool, even if one has a law degree or title of guru. ys pd  


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