Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Disgusting" Comments on Robin Williams Death

PADA: Yes it is disgusting to see these comments about how sinful Robin Williams was and etc. Many "devotees" are quick to judge others as "the karmis, the demons, the fools in the modes of ignorance" and so forth, forgetting that their society, that they themselves helped create -- if not caused a number of cases -- if not created a culture of -- suicidal depression by mis-use of the Krishna religion -- wherein we had some of their own society's people feeling suicidal, yep in their own society. 

And -- as of yet -- there has not been any true accounting for the people who generated this atmosphere, nor their hand maidens. Then again, the reason people like Robin Williams and billions of other people are not able to take shelter of Krishna is because of the pile of criminal punks who are STILL posing as God's messiahs EVEN today in the Krishna society, wherein -- not only Robin Williams but almost cent percent of Srila Prabhupada's original devotees have no shelter there. 

And some folks seem to be proud of this accomplishment? Suicide is not a good option, no doubt, but if people are driven away from taking shelter of Krishna, are blocked from taking shelter of Krishna, are discouraged from taking shelter of Krishna and so on, the blame for those people's misery also spreads to the class of people who created or aided this blockage. In sum, the folks who created and those who helped create this blockage are partly to blame for the resultant lack of ability for the mass of people to be able to be attracted to Krishna, that would include all people including Robin Williams. ys pd

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