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Tamohara's e-commerce initiations questioned

[PADA: Tamohara's web site offer e-initiations. Some think this is a guru business for money.  Anyway here are some recent comments on the Tamohara / GGM / Sri Mukunda gang of tricksters:]


Vaishnavaanghri Sevaka Dasa says:

Online Guru Business Franchisee’s Enmity with PADA & Prabhupada Vision web site

1 - PADA gives initiation for free, where as this guy (Tamohara) collects $120 or $150 per online diksha.
PADA’s free of cost diksha threatened this online guru business franchise.

2 - Prabhupada Vision web site  published articles by PADA about GGM folks which enraged this Tamohara guy.

Moreover Prabhupadavision site is increasingly publishing articles and popularizing hidden order of Prabhupada's july 9 letter.

Awareness about the fact that SP did not appoint successor gurus means, no way of pushing the GGM agenda into Prabhupada’s position, and no way of pushing online franchise gurus into GGM’s position.

3-Vilifying enemies as bread and butter for this guy.

He already misuded prabhupada visison’s comment system to impersonate a GBC with identical name and confessed to crimes on behalf to vilify GBC. 

[PADA: Meanwhile, Tamohara accuses others of cyber-impersonations?]

He did it in this article.Later on he exerted pressure on Editor to remove that comment. Though Prabhupada Vision has published this guy’s comments against Prabhupada vision site itself, still he is relentlessly designing various schemes to attack and vilify prabhupada vision site.

A)Claim that prabhupada vision audience hacked his website. 
B)Send his servants like Zzz Dasa aka Suresh to attack prabhupada loyalists and prabhpada vision.
[PADA: And Sri Mukunda is being cited extensively by Tamohara as his authority.]


Vaishnavaanghri Sevaka Dasa says:
Following is the article on which he made a comment impersonating a GBC:

David Casey says:
Online initiations? An argument how free is better than charged? I am sure that Srila Prabhupada did not think that it would stoop to offering diksa initiation online! Is this really happening? Has formal initiation become so cheap?


Tara says: Giving in the initiations for $$ ???? This is the lowest you can go. Something the Srila Prabhupada gave freely. This is something in itself that proves that the JBD`s- are running the show. They are making money out of something they were given for free by SP!!! Like goverdhan and japa retreats and different kirtan melas for $$. (You have to pay to chant Hare Krsna). ABSURD !!!

Ramesh says: I have been commenting on prabhupadavision from the very beginning. Krsna candra prabhu is one of the softest and gentle selfless devotees I have ever seen. This person (TD) is on a mission to vilify Prabhupada vision for rejecting to advertise his website here. Moreover TD was defeated utterly on PV website in the matter of defending GBC bogus gurus. So he has mission to vilify author of GGM article: puranjana das of PADA and Prabhupada vision for not accepting his deviant philosophical stance.

vaishnavaanghri sevaka dasa says:

Yes, online initiations are true. It is verifiable unless they remove it from their website. If you have login and login into their website, on top you see POLLS as part of menu. In the polls, you are asked a question: Do you approve this website giving diksha on behalf of prabhupada? Of course they don’t say in public that $120 is charged for diksha. But still, you are asked to pay $120 after some time on name of their services to you. It’s not a free website. LoL. :-) You see this $120 stuff in your profile/questions after login.

TD/GGM Folks cyber attacks attacks against prabhupada vision were exposed on the above comment links, TD is playing a smart ploy to counter attack prabhupada vision to throw mud and escape from his crimes/frauds. Though he is the one who attacked PV through his servants like Suresh Anand alias Zzz Dasa, now he is making it reverse saying some one hacked his website and hence prabhupada vision is responsible. Such ridiculous claim!

Actually that website was never hacked. Spirit net business website was actually put under maintainance only for 2-3 hours. As revealed by Commenter dasa in his comment:

TD is sending bulk mails to vilify Prabhupada vision and escape the consequences of vlifying PV he is making ONE MORE SMART claim that some one has hacked his e-mail also. Had it been really hacked by his nemeses, they would have destroyed it, it would not have possible to recover it.

David Casey says:

I just remembered something I missed when I commented last. Dear editor even though Tamohara has been email spanning and slandering your name internationally to anyone who would hear him, you have not mentioned his name apart from ‘particular individual’.

I mean to say we all know who it is but how humble and inoffensive can you get? You must have been a Christian to turn the other cheek like this! He is badmouthing you all over the world literally and you have never once said a word about him on your site. You comply to his incriminating words by removing his comments after he asked you to and instead of being grateful he slanders you and you say nothing?

Anyway I don’t expect an answer so please forgive me if I sound like I am challenging you I just wanted to say this and really I suppose thank you for your good example.
[PADA: Tamohara cites Sri Mukunda as his authority in these slandering e-mails. Birds of a feather.]


steve says:

David Casey,
You have noticed very subtle point and you are right on that. Krsna Candra prabhu has always been very gentle and even published comments against his own webiste. He actually never believed in moderation initially. As some people started abusing comment system for personal attacks, he was forced to implement moderation policy to keep website healthy and clean. A person must be so cruel to vilify such truthful and selfless person.

TD developed grudges against PV website and he already had longterm grudges against PADA.

So he is devising clever strategies to vilify PV for publishing articles of PADA. Previously he did same to a GBC nemesis by taking advantage of his name being identical to him. Then he pressurized editor to remove those impersonation comments. I also come across SPAM / Bulk mails which TD is sending to vilify prabhupada loyalists. I beleive TD’s website / email was not at all hacked. By claiming it as hacked he can avoid responsibility for his crminal actions such as vilification, impersonation etc. He can smartly ascribe responsibility of such actions to a (bogus) hacker.

There is reason for thinking so: PV webiste is very simple, it does not have anything except plain articles and comments. Where as spiritnet is said to be ning based complex social networking site even more than facebook. So it’s not easy to restore once it’s hacked. But PV webiste took at least 1 day if not 2 when it was hacked previously. Where as TD’s website was recovered with in 3 hours. It was just put inactove my moderator in maintainance state and claimed as hacked.

[PADA: Right, the guru business people have a LONG TERM GRUDGE AGAINST PADA. Hee hee. We be messing up their bid-ness! ys pd]

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