Monday, April 16, 2012

Bhakti Caru and GGM updates


Manjari dasi says: Krsna is exposing everyone one by one. All the tiny glow worms will cease to exist as the rising sun of Srila Prabhupadas purity will extinguish their tiny glow! For some of us the process may seem slow, but Krsna in the form of time is active. Becoming educated of the reality of the corrupt situation is good. Distinguishing worship in the different modes is important and pushing forward in the footsteps of Srila Prabhupada is required. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Iskcon will rise again.

Rasa Prema das says: I wonder what will business buffoon Bhakti Charu swami say now,…i guess he will continue with his false claims of innocence just like he did when he was exposed in the article The business buffoon. What i found interesting in the news-report above is the link of Varahmihir Infotech to the company Alcock/Mc Fearson which cheated innocent devotees of tons of hard earned cash, with false promises from Bhati Charu swami to pay it all back…

“In 2010, Varahmihir Infotech took a loan of Rs13.5 crore from the Allahabad Bank in the name of construction of IT Park.

The ISKCON-promoted company instead diverted the loan to Alcock Private limited, a company which neither had any stake on the acquired land nor any connections with it. The Alcock Private limited withdrew `8.5 crore. Now the Allahabad Bank has served notices for attachment of the government land owing to the borrower’s default.” Now it is clear that Bhakti Charu is just a liar and a thief in the garb of a vaisnava. !!!!!
puranjana dasa says: This is possibly part of the problem with the Bombay vs Bangalore case. Basu Ghosha said that the GBC should be careful about suing Bangalore, because this could shine a light on all of ISKCON’s finances, and cause a government investigation of other parts of ISKCO there, or even an audit of the entire operation of ISKCON in India. And sometimes the government takes over properties. That is what their own people were warning about. So lets see, but its possible that a wider investigation could take place. Others are saying that BCS “collapses under pressure,” and if that occurs as some folks think, then he might try to implicate other GBC members to save himself by “making a deal” with the prosecutors. Anyway its an interesting development, lets see how it all pans out. ys pd


2) RE Gaura Govinda maharara says Srila Prabhupada is not enough ...

Gopisvara dasa says: Tamohara said: “FACTS; GGS himself used tapes, accepted the initiations of his Godbrothers by tape, and spent all his time translating Srila Prabhupada’s books, so your criticisms are revealed as stupid envious constructed misleadings. He is against tapes, or reading Prabhupada’s books ?? Thats nuts, such a stretch as to be seen right through. Baloney.

Reply – If it is such baloney, perhaps you could enlighten the forum as to why GGS said what he said as quoted by Baladas in comment one? Specifically

GGS: “One has to hear. It is not that, “All right, tapes are there, I’ll hear the recorded tapes.” Sabda-brahma will never descend. [...] You should be greedy. Physical contact is required. You must hear directly, not just by listening to tapes. Sabda-brahma will never descend through a tape. One must hear from a physically present Sri Guru.” (HH Gour Govinda Swami, ‘Q&A’, The Worship of Sri Guru, chapter 3)

Gour Govinda Swami: If Prabhupada says he is there, then you try to see him, associate with him, and listen from him. Do you see Prabhupada? Do you hear from Prabhupada? Is he speaking to you?

Gour Govinda Swami: Through his books, yes. All sadhus speak through their books. Jiva Goswami, Rupa Goswami, Sanatana Goswami, Bhaktivinode Thakur, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, and Srila Prabhupada all say that they speak through books. This is not a new thing. This is our Vaisnava procedure. But you should see him. Can you see Bhaktivinode Thakur? Can you see Jiva Goswami? You may say, “Oh I have read their books; I have their association.” That won’t help you.

Gour Govinda Swami: You cannot understand what they have said merely by reading their books. Your consciousness is very low, so you cannot understand their words.

Gour Govinda Swami: Out of mercy, the sadhu will impart this tattva-jnana to you. This is the only process. Unless you get association with a living sadhu, what can you do? Will you put some question to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Prabhupada will answer you?

[PADA: Unfortunately the people who will answer you are the bogus GBC gurus that GGM supported. ys pd]

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