Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gaura Govinda followers

Gopisvara dasa says: Tamoharadasa, Perhaps my question was unclear. I asked it in context to a previous explanation you gave for something that Gaura Govinda Swami said. First, I had pointed out something GGS said that I had issue with. - Gour Govinda Swami: “You cannot understand what they have said merely by reading their books. Your consciousness is very low, so you cannot understand their words.”

You replied: TD: “Srila Prabhupada also said the same thing! He said, How can you understand Srila Bhaktisiddhanta? You should hear the explanation from me. Will you fault him for this?” So, please give me a little credit. Your reply plainly equates the stature of GGS and Srila Prabhupada IN THE SENSE that one needs to understand the words of a past acarya by hearing from a current acarya.

Now please answer this question. Now that GGS has disappeared, who do we need to consult in order to properly understand GG properly?

[PADA: Most of the Gaura Govinda folks subsequently fled to join Narayana Maharaja, and now that he is gone, they are going all over to find other living gurus, they no longer promote GGM.]


Vaishnavanghri Sevaka Dasa says:
Respected Editor (Prabhupada Vision), Tamohara Das is criticizing Prabhupada vision and making a call to abandon PV website and still using it to advertise his personal agenda of promoting GGM folks. He was ex-GGM’s henchman.

There are Two disciples of Srila Prabhupada with same name:
1) This Tamohara Das (ACBSP 1971, Canada, Audiologist)
2) Tamohara Das, GBC, Ex-CPO.

This Tamohara Das confessed to impersonate Tamohara das (GBC) in this PV comment:

Using our website for illegal activities like impersonating Tamohara Das(GBC) can give bad name to our website. Prabhu make an announcement and take measures about this fradulent person and protect of prabhupada loyalist community from badname. Otherwise there is every chance of people calling our website as fradulent.


Ramesh says: Harinama das prabhu, Thank you for speaking up truth with out hesitation.srila Prabhupada says in BG 10.4: Truth should be spoken for the benefit of people , even if it is not social etiquette.
One should not restrain from speaking truth for pleasing people.their should be called thief for benefit of people.

So I ‘m speaking truth here though it’s not social etiquette as it may not be polite & may appear as personal attack. Nonetheless truth is important than political correctness of Frankfurt – School. Tamohara das is a ritvik and he (simultaneously) supports GGS who violated ritvik system & propagated living guru philosophy if not attacked ritvik system. Tamohara das claims GGS is a pure devotee like Prabhupada! How is a Prabhupada Loyalist? Or is he GGS LOYALIST?

How he is Prabhupada loyalist and Ritvik when his role model is some one who attacked / violated srila Prabhupada’s ritvik system of 9 July 1977? Why he is commenting on Prabhupada vision? While criticizing the same website?

ANSWER: PADA is his enemy he want to defeat PADA online!

[PADA: Correct. Tamohara supports Gaura Govinda Maharaja, knowing that GGM was voted in at the re-coronation of of known homosexual alleged messiah named Bhavananda. 

Which is why Sri Mukunda dasa is now joining forces by cheer leading Tamohara, the biggest fan of GGM (and the homosexual pedophile messiah's recoronation club that GGM was voted into). In addition: Sri Mukunda cites Hari Sauri, one of Bhavananda's favorites even today. And SMD hangs out with the members of the molester messiahs program in LA. And SMD borrows money from devotees without paying it back. And SMD mis-usues photos of Srila Prabhupada -- even way worse than the GBC ever does. So all these folks are joining forces together more all the time, the good news is, they are dwindling and not being taken too seriously. Instead, our sites are gaining headway all the time and they are more diminished all the time.]

And HE OWNS A WEBSITE SO HE WANTS DEFEAT/DEFAME OTHER WEBSITES. Then as he always doing: he publishes whole article/comment section as HIS VICTORY FLAG ON HIS OWN WEBSITE! 

[PADA: Birds of a feather indeed. ys pd] 

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