Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No evidence cited?

[PADA: Notice that someone is assuming that Tamohara's e-mail was hacked by a Prabhupadanuga. Where is the evidence of this? The article ALSO says -- the alleged hacking is under investigation by the police, ok that means, there is no proof yet? There may be no proof that the e-mail was hacked at all, and the e-mail came from Tamohara himself? This is silly to pre-judge against us, it just means this writer is upset we are exposing these GBC guru programs like the GGM / Tamohara. ys pd]

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  1. Tamohara and his pal R.Radha-Govinda are somewhat realy hostile towards Prabhupadanugas. They reject ritvik and advocate the living guru doctrine. At the same time they also reject Rocana and ISKCON gurus. Hard to find out what they realy are for?


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