Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tamohara's apology (?)

TAMOHARA DASA: Dear ISKCON devotees of the multiplex universe! All glories to every living entity including God! Please hear my sincere prayer to those of you who I have ever connected with in my earthly pastimes I would like to offer my most sincerest and most humblest apologies for having offended you in any way shape or form.

Offending others is kind of my modus operandi so it is hardly news to you. I digress ... Well as you know I am always on some self righteous and megalomaniacal trip which most of the normal amongst you ... what is normal anyway, have noticed.

Those of you who are crazy probably have not noticed because you are probably some kind of dumbass or simpleton who believes my ranting and raving as some kind of spiritual insight and not the demoniac possession it really is.

[PADA: This letter sounds first of all like a cry for help. That would be good if he is serious. The first problem is: we are sort of being told that we are getting an apology, but with all the joking banter, is this sincere or not? Or is this another joke? If Tamohara is now finally admitting he is ranting to upset devotees with some sort of "demonic possession," why is he doing that to the devotees?

As for "demonic possession," well we would tend to agree -- for Tamohara to support the GBC's "demon" guru system -- by his promoting one of its members like Gaura Govinda Maharaja -- is promoting an evil system. Amazing admission since!, Gaura Govinda Maharaja is the person who wrote a position paper for the GBC gurus in 1988 admitting that the GBC / GGM "guru system" is PROMOTING DEMONS as gurus! Of course we are not surprised Sri Mukunda jumped on board to glorify this demon guru system as well, he simply could not constain his love for them.]

TD: I am not GAY and have never practiced Homosexuality in this life! Did I say Gay? No I hate Gays. I hate them to pieces! Hate the New World Order scum sucking bags of dog stool! I know what you are thinking! The CIA is behind this! They know my every move! There are spies everywhere, spies peering over my shoulder when I am sitting on the toilet reading the Huffington Post or hard copies of Padmagarbha’s anti Jew spam which I hate by the way.

[PADA: Its pretty evident that Tamohara does mention the CIA, NWO, Illuminati etc. all the time, so it does seem my dear prabhu, that you are obsessed with them. Personally, I could not function thinking that the CIA is in control of everything, because that would mean Krishna is not in control. That would ALSO mean -- there is no chance of me progressing on anything since the NWO aka "New World Order" cannot be challenged. I think a lot of devotees like your good self use this CIA / NWO idea to make the whole thing seem hopeless, that gets you folks off the hook for not taking action against the bogus gurus because, "no one can stop them, they are backed by the CIA, NWO, Illuminati, so do not bother fighting."

Its a cop out. 

And lest we forget, a lot of the devotees in this "nothing can be done" group tend to take intoxicants, because they are so depressed thinking there is no hope. Unfortunately, many devotees are in this category. For example a devotee died from heroin, one devotee here died from alcohol poison recently, and so forth, and these people all had the same idea, its hopeless, you cannot fight the illuminati NWO / CIA. This means these folks apparently have more faith in the powers of the CIA than faith in the powers of Krishna. Why keep mentioning the CIA, NWO, etc. because then I do not have to fix anything.]

TD: No I don’t have Tourette Syndrome! Look I am trying to control myself here! Don’t get me started cause I can swear like a trooper if you get me riled up! Okay I am back so deal with it! Okay where was I? Did I say I have all the answers to all the questions you may throw at me? My gurudev ...

[PADA: Well you have not answered our questions very rationally, and GGM did not answer me very well when we met in person. I think there is no good answer, GGM should not have "cooperated, tolerated and worked with" the bogus GBC gurus. Plain and simple.]

TD: Okay so I won’t go that way for you have worked out my rants on that subject matter. Did I say about the CIA controlling all of those websites who have not allowed me to rant and rave there?

[PADA: Sorry, you cannot rant on other's web sites because they are trying to have a serious discussion and instead you are ranting, so its not helping. They may be forced to take you off in that case.]

TD: No? Well they do! I know as a fact that they are all, every last one of them CIA agents! I have the documents to prove it or I can very well write something up!

[PADA: OK, so you have no documents as we suspected, you have to write these documents yourself, that means you are using this CIA argument as a crutch to make it look like you are the victim, when you are the aggressive ranter.]

TD: They twist the truth of how I should be listened to and turn it into some kind circus that I have no control of and it is like I am being sucked down into a whirlpool of megalomaniacal chaos where the only way to save myself from eternal damnation is to utter such vile profanities that would curl the toes of God himself!

[PADA: Right, well this explains why you are not being welcomed everywhere. You are behaving badly and that makes people want to take you off their forum, has nothing to do with the CIA.]

TD: Crazy? Who said I am crazy? Did you say that!? Or was it you! Yeah I know who pulls your string puppetboy! Where was I? Oh yeah ... what I wanted to do was apologize for my crazy paranoidcal ranting and raving that ends up burning all my bridges behind me and leaving in my wake utterly destroyed devotees who probably will never recover from having my association.

[PADA: Well this is a god step, right, you are just burning your bridges. And your good pal Sri Mukunda is doing the same thing, he is making personal attacks on others so he is wearing out his welcome all over the place. He is saying bad things about the ritviks and he is joining people who glorify the molester messiahs program, he has no idea that the molester messiahs program is on its last legs, he thinks he can revive the molester pooja program by joining them to attack the rtiviks. This is the most foolish thing we have heard in years.

So that means, by your personal attacks idea, whatever message you folks might have had -- whether good or bad, its not going to be noticed. Even if your message is good, no one will hear it if you come out and make personal insults attacks on others. I really try to avoid doing that and stick with the factual statements. Hence our web sites and blogs are increasing in readership. If you have to use a password for your website, we are going to beat your numbers automatically, our site is open for all. Password protection means you have something to hide in the minds of most people.]
TD: Who? What? Who made me say that? Why can’t I delete what I wrote? I will take legal action I am not without legal counsel I will sue you for every cent you have and make you work in the salt mines of Siberia for the rest of your life! Where was I?

[PADA: Are you taking drugs?]

TD: Oh yeah the CIA ... Mmmm now did I tell you they have infiltrated ISKCON and have caused havoc here? They have also infiltrated the Prabhupadanugas of ISKCON who are taking us all to hell! Don’t listen to anyone only to me for I am the only one with the intelligence to fight the CIA! Only I can save you! So sign up to my website and I will give you initiation online!

[PADA: Sorry, but I do not need saving from the CIA or the FBI, the FBI saved me from being assassinated by the GBC's gurus.]

TD: Take initiation from us from the comfort of your home and you will become fully fledged Prabhupada disciples with grandiose titles behind your name like "Tamohara dasa vanaprastha" acbssp, MSc, Aud. I’m back! Where did I go? Does it matter? Anyway I am so so so sorry for offending you. Did I already say that? Who?

I gotta go now these damn voices in my head are telling me to kill everyone! Damn those hell spawned voices! Ahhgggghhhhhhhh! Did I just write Ahhhgggghhhhh???? Who? Your’s in my service Ritvik Acharya of the whole wide world! HIS DIVINE DIGRACE AC BHAKTIVED ... Ooops! I mean His Holiness Tamohara dasa vanaprastha acbssp, MSc, Aud

[PADA: This is a cult meltdown. And just when its melting down into madness, Sri Mukunda joins them. Sorry, if you folks are in the GBC guru's canoe about to go over the waterfalls, paddling will not help. The whole GBC empire is collapsing. Anyone connected to that empire, whether it is Gaura Govinda maharaja himself or his supporters, even if they are nice people individually, they are going over the waterfalls of history. The GBC guru program is going down the tubes, and so are the people who "cooperated, tolerated and worked with" the GBC guru process. And so are the fools who jump into that canoe now thinking they are going to save it. 

Its going down. No one can save this program or its element parts and parcels like GGM. GGM put his money on the wrong horse, and that horse has lost the race. Its that simple. And now that people like Sri Mukunda are joining the GGM camp at this late stage, he is simply going down with them. The GBC guru process is over, its just a matter of time. Anyway, thanks for your apology, I think? The bottom line is that the GBC / GGM guru program is over, its history, and unless you folks are ready to move forward with the rest of us, you and Sri Mukunda will be aged fossils. We are hoping you will join us in moving forward.

ys pd]

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  1. vaishnavaanghri sevaka dasa says:
    April 25, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Yes, online initiations are true.
    It is verifiable unless they remove it from their website.

    If you have login and login into their website, on top you see POLLS as part of menu.

    In the polls, you are asked a question: Do you approve this website giving diksha on behalf of prabhupada?

    Ofcourse they don’t say in public that $120 is charged for diksha.

    But still, you are asked to pay $120 after some time on name of their services to you.It’s not a free website. LoL. :-)

    You see this $120 stuff in your profile/questions after login.


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