Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PADA has saved many lives

Ramesh says: Should we worship sexyasi bogus gurujis? [OR] Should we stop exposing cheaters to give some relief to covert apologists! LoL! So many people still like sexyasi guru maharajas & criminal murderer gurujis like Rotten-Nut swami.

Are thousands of disciples joining in FISKCON just because we are exposing about sexyasi gurujis? Looks baseless argument. Just by reading PADA website: so many devotees saved their lives. I myself came out of FISKCON due to honest websites like this which exposed bogus gurujis.

DO we expect Radhanath to shoot and give video tape of his expose? He will never do so. Apologists always claim that there are no proofs for falldown of their sexyasi guru maharaja, Do we have video proofs for Prabha Vishnu’s falldown? Apologists can say even facts have no evidences.

Selfless Prabhupada Loyalists like B.Radha-Govinda should not get disappointed by strategies of Apologists.
Many devotees like me owe so much to selfless service of Prabhupada loyalists in exposing bogus gurujis.


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