Saturday, April 28, 2012

Departed Vaishnavas by Giriraja swami

Hmmm, where is Sulochana's photo? 


  1. Thanks to Giriraja Sexyasi maharaja for pointing who is a demon.
    Many Photos of demons/crooks surrounding a maha bhagavata (SP) photo in centre.

    Giriraja rascal making a political campaign to mislead devotees to think criminals and murderers as mahabhagavatas.

    Sulocana prabhu is not an elite demon so his photo is not included.

  2. Question: Where is Sulocana prabhu's photo?

    Answer: Only "successful Accomplished" victimizer's photo is published, but not the photos of victims.
    It makes sense because victimizers are victors not victims.

    Jaya! All glories memories of departed murderers and crooks!


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