Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thanks for your support prabhu, (ISKCON) ys pd

Thanks for your support prabhu, yes this year at Rathayatra the jackals were laying low and our people were moving up, the tide is shifting. You did a great job responding to Shiva Shankara, his idea that we should commit suicide if we cannot defeat them means, he is already defeated himself, he does not realize, we are defeating them. He is a defeatest who is out of touch. He also has zero plan to fix anything, just sit under a rock and hope the boogey man disappears, that is his plan, its not going anywhere. Yes I know smart phones can be a hassle, you did fine, haribol. Lord Balarama jayanti, yes Srila Prabhupada says He is ananta sesa, so He can protect us from envious people and envious snakes, hey, hey, hey ys pd

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