Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving the Detroit temple?

Dear ******* I heard there is going to be a meeting at the Detroit temple Sept. 11th about moving the temple to the suburbs. Please help! This is the craziest most ridiculous thing. To lose Srila Prabhupada's temple because no one is smart enough to manage a temple full of potential. Please write a letter to be read, and ask others to do the same.

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  1. This will only happen if all of the Temples across the world are first taken down. The Devasadhan Mandir is the Home of Radha Kunjabiri for as long as They are on Earth.

    The ones that don’t want to give due credits and show proper appreciation are the ones that say they are going to do that. They can start another center and call it whatever they want and get some Deities from wherever. It is sad that People can’t see the greatest gift in life right in front of them every day.

    These proposed moves are just by those that were paid off to try to get the Hare Krsnas out of Detroit. Ask them is they are or have ever been on a Federal/State/City payroll. Legally they have to answer if they have been. If they don’t tell the truth and then instigate any of their bogus ideas, they are breaking the law. This question should be asked to everybody at any of the Temples. Are you on the payroll of one of the governances; if so, which ones and what is your position. Is it part of an idiotocracy to capitalize of from Srila Prabhupada’s Movement and destroy His Mission?

    It only takes a minute to ask this. If they do not answer then they should not be in charge of anything and should have no say on any matters.

    Love You All Always,


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