Thursday, August 18, 2011

RE mistreatment of women in ISKCON problem (ys pd)

Dear Pratyatosa prabhu, ok so the GBC has to "apologize" for saying Srila Prabhupada "wanted" his devotees to beat their wives (like Kirtanananda was saying "beat a drum and beat a woman) ... not a bad idea in itself. The women of ISKCON certainly deserve such an apology, and we see a number of ex-ISKCON women have started anti-Prabhupada web sites in protest of their mistreatment, and you are correct to say -- no one from the GBC side has properly rectified their complaints. Agreed. Yet this is merely one issue among a boat load of other deviations. The root question is thus: where is their "authority from Srila Prabhupada" for the GBC's overall abuse issue: i.e. where is their apology for saying "Srila Prabhupada wanted" almost all of his devotees to be kicked out of ISKCON (and sometimes beaten and assassinated on their way out the door); And "he wanted" us to offer bhogha to child molesters and have their pictures on the altars right at Krishna's feet; And he "wanted us" to fry out the public with so much criminal problems in the news media -- so the GBC should apologize to the public for having wrecked the name of Krishna almost worldwide. And now they are creating EVEN MORE bad media in India with their Bangalore lawsuit, and so on AD INFINITUM. The dirty laundy list of evil things the GBC did themselves is as big an five encyclopedias, all of which they promoted within ISKCON while saying "this is what Srila Prabhupada wanted." The list of crimes in the name of Krishna is almost endless. I think we cannot compartment off only one issue out of the context of all the issues. We have for example the mistreatment of the books of the pure devotee (the books are being re-written), the mistreatments of: devotees, women, children, cows, the public etc. and so on, the woman issue is merely one part of the problems from their entire regime. Also we are NOW getting more bad media in New Orleans for "aggressive collecting techniques," because not only they never apologize, they never change their abusive policies. That is the ROOT issue that needs to be discussed. Incidentally women are still being mistreated by being kicked out and branded as "bogus ritviks," the mistreatment of women cannot be apologized for -- until it stops. ys pd  

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