Monday, August 22, 2011

Dusyanta and ROCANA defeats -- themselves

FROM SAMPRADAYA SUN NEWS: (Dusyanta dasa) It works in this way: There are no ritviks, but through the process of transcendental sound. There is no via medium to the Spiritual Master, the disciple is a direct disciple of the Spiritual Master through the transcendental sound. He is approached in the same way we approach Krsna through His Holy Name, and it's an easy process for the neophyte.
[PADA: OK, so now we no longer need an ISKCON society and its preachers, because now people are going to approach Krishna directly without any preaching, society and so on, they are just going to go to a library and read the books of Srila Prabhupada direct. The brand new person off the street neophyte is going to approach Krishna direct, and he does not need direction from a society of senior devotees, therefore Dusyanta is saying we can dis-mantle ISKCON, which is largely what he has done, he has eliminated most of the devotees from the temples by saying these temples, devotees, preachers, ritviks and so on, are no longer required, simply the books in the library will do all the work. OK, how will the books land into the hands of common people if we no longer need these temples, book distribution system and preaching to new people? How will people even get the book -- at all -- if there is no society to distribute the books? How will people be trained to worship Krishna in poojari work, if there is no temple, no deity and there is only a book in a library,  or that book simply will appear by magic somehow?]  
The "Diksa Gurus" of ISKCON are redundant because their physical presence cannot afford the disciple more than Srila Prabhupada's Instruction. The "living guru" process is a smokescreen that we have all believed since the 1977 GBC/Gurus explained it, because it's a comforting explanation and holds the strings of power. We can't have disciples just being initiated by SOUND. Who is going to control them, anyway?
[PADA: OK so if the new people only need sound from the book, but how will they be trained as brahmanas unless they are in the company of senior people who have studied the book already. I can buy a college book and read it, and maybe learn somehow on my own, and that is better than no book at all, but that is not the system Srila Prabhupada wanted. He wanted a society of senior devotees to assist people in understanding the books. He wanted a society of preachers to train and elevate people with philosophy classes, kirtananas, being trained in deity worship, cooking and so forth, but now we no longer need any society of senior devotees, let them all leave says Rocana, wait for people to find a used book in the Flea Market for $4.00. Sorry, this is not working, Rocana and Dusyanta's plan of having emptied out the temples of book distributors, preachers, ritviks and so on is a disaster, the common "karmi" people are not just reading the books from the Flea Market on their own and becomming devotees, its just not happening, we need a society of preachers to train the new people -- as Prabhupada ordered.]
The "Ritvik" process is redundant because the need for a via medium to Srila Prabhupada in His Vapuh is also not applicable in His Vani. We can approach, inquire and serve the Spiritual Master in His transcendental sound and we can directly develop the mellow of rasa with the Spiritual Master through transcendental sound.

[PADA: This is not working, people are not automatically worshipping Srila Prabhupada and Krishna because the books are in the library, they need people to give them the books, encourage them, train them, that is the system Prabhupada wanted and started.] 
What does it all boil down to, is what about the "ceremonial-diksa" formality? Who gives you your name and thread, that's all! And that's exactly why we are so afraid of following the Gaudiya Vaisnava process of transcendental sound. We need security in formality, three dimensions, and anybody who will give us a name, and lastly the power and the glory. We can't all be right, now can we? Perhaps the GBC/Gurus and the Ritviks are all wrong. Seems like it to me.

Your servant,
Dusyanta dasa

PS. We get our names and threads from the Brahmanas!

[PADA: OK the rtivik is a brahmana? Now Rocana and Dusyanata says, we do not need the ritviks, but we do need the ritviks -- to give the threads and names? They say get rid of the ritviks, but we need the ritviks? Rocana and Dusyanta are simply proud they destroyed ISKCON by saying we do not need any people in ISKCON anymore or even a society at all, just let people find the books in a library, they all along wanted to see ISKCON turn into a skeleton ghost town, ooops just like the GBC itself, and so does Dusyanta's best pal Rocana, they wanted everyone to leave and have no ISKCON society at all, so that people will simply become devotees by going to a library or else finding a used book at the Flea Market, this is their whole idea, destroy ISKCON, get rid of the preachers, no more deity worship, and let people find a book at the Flea Market, that was de facto Rocana's ultimate grand scheme whole idea since 1977. They wanted to see the ISKCON socicety destroyed, let people go to the library and find the books there, no more book distribution and temples, and these folks still do want that. Kailasha chandra is Rocana's main hero, and he says live in Moab Utah, no preaching, no book distribution, wait for people to go to the library. Thanks goodness we have people like Madhu Pandit dasa who wants to RE-build the society ROCANA destroyed, and not have it ruined by people who say devotees and ISKCON are not important anymore, let people go to the library and read and become devotees on their own, that is not what Srila Prabhupada wanted, he wanted temples full of devotees and preachers and ritviks. ys pd] 

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