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Child Abuse Cover-up Exposed (ISKCON) ys pd

1. Go to the video which Mother Radha-Govinda Prabhu pointed out to us: "HH Gopal Krishna "PRETENDING TO BE HOLIER THAN ALL OF US"Prabhuji"
2. Click on "Show more."
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on <>.
Then you will see an article which I wrote in 1998. This article just happens to contain some additional revealing information on Badrinarayan Dasa:
17. Why did one of these bogus, criminal GBC men, Badrinarayan Dasa (a.k.a. Robert Morrill), order my wife and I to not run a gurukula ashram?
[He said that it was because our oldest son, who was living with us at the time, had been sexually molested in the Vrindavan gurukula, and had not received proper counseling. The fact is that he had gotten excellent, confidential counseling at our own expense, but the counseling that Badrinarayan Dasa then proceeded to arrange was completely incompetent and bungled at almost every step. Badrinarayan Dasa harassed and abused us to the point where my wife had to threaten to take all of the ISKCON child abuse records, which were in our possession at the time, to the media, if he didn't leave us alone! She even told him that; "If you don't resign as head of the ISKCON International Board of Education then I am going to resign as a member of the International Board." The result of all of this is that he no longer has anything to do with ISKCON education, but before he resigned, he managed to get the GBC body to take away my wife's service of being in charge of counseling victims of ISKCON child abuse worldwide, and to give this service to Muralivadaka Dasa. He also got the GBC body to order that all of the child abuse records be transferred to Muralivadaka's care. When I recently reminded my wife of this she said, "Isn't that ridiculous?" This all took place in early 1995, I believe, which is well after Muralivadaka himself began sexually abusing some of the boys who had been placed in his care by well meaning parents. Is this what the parents, with their hard-earned tuition dollars, were paying him to do?]
[Another one of this same GBC man's great exploits, besides his ongoing sick, perverted habit of being a pathological liar and slandering many of Prabhupada's disciples whom he considers to be one of his or the GBC's political enemies, is that he, as the GBC in charge of restaurants, demanded that an independent grhastha, who had started a restaurant, stop using the name "Govinda's" because he (Badri) didn't like what the restaurant was serving. He immediately told the Govinda's owner that he was going to sue, that "it was an open and shut case", that he'd better change the name "or else", etc. The Govinda's owner got completely turned off by this "hot-head" GBC man's attitude and told him to "Go to hell!" Then Badri found out that he had no legal basis to sue, because there was no legal protection for the name "Govinda's". After weeks of the GBC man's harassment and abuse, Badri finally agreed to pay the restaurant owner $2000 if he would "please, pretty please", just change the name from "Govinda's" to "G avinda's"!!! Thus Badrinarayan Dasa, after coming in like a "ton of bricks", simply went away like a dog with his tail between his legs, thus becoming the laughing stock of that entire community of about 100 devotees. This man is one of the "poison bait" swallowers that I mentioned previously.]
As you can see from the above 2 case histories, not only is Badrinarayan incompetent, but he is a hot-headed, mean-spirited abuser. In addition to the abuse described above, he abused his ex-wife in the worst possible way by divorcing her.

When I was living in or visiting various ISKCON temples in his zone in 1997, the only good thing that one temple president could think of to say about him was, "At least he's not a guru!"

As a side note, how my wife (Urmila Devi Dasi) thought that the ISKCON GBC would approve her guruship nomination after she threatened to turn all of ISKCON's child abuse records over to the media is beyond me!

Your servant, Pratyatosa Dasa

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