Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kirtanananda health report looks grim (ISKCON)

    "…Haribol. Yes I just sent an email to Srila Bhaktipada's brother. The last doctor who saw Bhaktipada says one lung has collapsed and the other is half full of fluid, so even with oxygen he is having trouble breathing. Right now he is resting though. And we have full time nursing care for him. They said there is no use taking him back to the hospital. His condition is beyond that now.
    Radhanath Swami called this afternoon and I talked with him for some time. I told him Bhaktipada can hear but can't respond so he wanted me to convey his respects to him.
    Yours, RVC Swami

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  1. Just see Kirtanananda's predictment. He is in pain, he can't breath properly and worst of all he can't chant Krsna's name. Wonder what's on that phedophile's mind now that death is so close to him.


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