Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kirtanananda "taken turn for the worse."

Dear Devotees, I just received word from India, that Kirtanananda has taken a "turn for the worst." He had been off the ventilator for a couple of days, and they were supposed to do an MRI to find out why he went unconscious and to investigate the bleeding in his brain, but right now, he has drifted into unconsciousness again, and is back on the ventilator. Please offer prayers to Lord Balarama, on His appearance day, for Kirtanananda's protection and peace. Haribol. Sachimata

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  1. There is no need for any prayers for Kirtanananda dasa for his protection or peace. He should just
    leave his body and leave everyone else in peace.
    There is no need to mark his grave either.

    Yamaraja Maharaj and his assitants will know what
    to do with this psychopath subtle body.


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