Monday, August 22, 2011

ISKCON Los Angeles promoting Subway Sandwich shops?

New Dvaraka Janmashtami leaflet has an ad for Subway Sandwich shops. It is quite obvious that ND is now promoting the sale of slaughtered animals, they are directly promoting violence in toto. Not only that, they continue to feed off who they claim is their spiritual founder. He no longer is and has never been for many many years. This is not an isolated incident, they are loosing ground. Cut out the Subway logo and protect the dieties in the picture. Find out if Subway authorised this, go deep.

Ys  Hasti Gopala Dasa
[PADA: ISKCON Tucson is managed by a lady who owns a Subway Sandwich shop. ys pd]


  1. This is an unconscionable misuse of the beautiful Deity-Form of Sri Sri Rukmini-Dwarkadisa for commercial purposes!

    Subway has only a single "vegetarian" main-item on their menu - and it is not Vedic: it contains onion and garlic.

    If this advertisement has been allowed by ISKCON, it can only be a matter of catering to congregational members in order to ensure nice deposits in the kundi.

    See my favorite Deities used like this makes me want to weep.


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