Saturday, August 27, 2011

ISKCON Las Vegas report

By Krishna-mayi Devi Dasi
On Saturday, August 20, 2011, Friends of India, Las Vegas hosted the inaugural India Independence Day parade and celebration on the historic Water Street in downtown Henderson, Nevada to mark the 64th anniversary of India’s independence.
Appreciating the influence of ISKCON in preserving Indian spiritual culture and traditions, Friends of India, Las Vegas invited Govinda’s Center / ISKCON Las Vegas to participate in the festivities. We happily accepted this invitation as an opportunity to bestow Lord Caitanya’s mercy on the very needy souls in Las Vegas.
The fun-filled night began with a parade tribute to the Motherland that included more than 40 entries including traditional Jhankis (floats). Govinda’s was nearly last of all entries in the parade, and with this great fortune we were able to close the parade with our sweet Harinama. The faces of blissful devotees marked with the Vaisnava tilaks shines brightly in the evening light. Carrying a bright yellow banner (with a short description of our activities and the sweet images of Lord Krishna) bordered with yellow smiley face balloons, we filled the atmosphere with a lively chanting of Krishna’s holy names. The matajis were beautifully dressed in colorful saris and decorated with vibrant garlands.
We delivered a genuine joy and excitement to the spectators! The crowd welcomed us joyfully as they clapped their hands and danced to the sweet tunes of the Hare Krishna maha mantra during our blissful performance of Harinama on the main street of downtown Henderson. One of our dear friends who watched the entire parade commented: “The beginning of parade was kind of quiet and boring, but when you guys came, you lifted the whole atmosphere and created the joyful mood. Your chanting was great!”
We all felt so blissful and very grateful to our beloved Lord Sri Krishna for giving us this amazing opportunity to glorify Him just a day before His Appearance Day.

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