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Harikesha has developed hatred towards Srila Prabhupada (ISKCON)

AMEYATMA PRABHU: I emailed the GBC about that letter from Badri at the time (1998 ?).  I pointed out the glaring flaws I saw in their philosophy. The GBC upheld these men as 'pure devotees' and proclaimed that they were engaged in herculean performance of 'pure' 'devotional service'.  Yet here the GBC are saying that the results of putting one's full effort into 'devotional' service [to Krishna] is that it often ends in Mental Collapse?????  Severe disorders????      

I told them they had a duty to RETRACT that off-the-wall statement. That the statement itself was not just offensive, it was philosophically Bogus and worse, it was misleading and dangerous. The GBC proclaimed that the Result of performing Enormous Devotional Service, with a committed attitude toward preaching -  has resulted in a melted down collapse of this person's Mental and physical health. 
Physical health,  Ok, i can agree to that.  One can push his body past the limit in executing devotional service that could lead to a break-down of one's physical health. BUT,  I Totally Disagreed with the Bogus idea that pushing one's self to perform great Devotional Service could ever result in a severe Mental Breakdown. That concept is not supported by shastra or examples of past acharyas. They even alluded to the bogus idea that past 'Acharyas' and Leading Preachers have, in the past, met with the SAME FATE [of falling down].   

I flatly told the GBC that if we follow their off-the-wall philosophy, better that 'devotees' DO NOT undertake too much 'devotional service', and don't dare have a committed attitude toward preaching, or else they face the inevitable, total mental breakdown. I told them their letter was nothing but    BOGUS.   

At the time I wrote the GBC I was not, yet, a supporter of the Rtvik side, I was still sitting on the fence and wasn't sure which side was right. And, at the time there was no news as to his affair with his female 'therapist', etc. So, we had no other information as to what may be the cause of his mental breakdown,    yet,  I offered this analysis to the GBC:

I reminded them that shastra only tells of the POSITIVE MENTAL results from performing pure devotional service. That if one is Truly Engaged, in his Mind, in his Consciousness, in performing Devotional Service, then the result will be TRANSCENDENTAL PEACE. One will attain the most peaceful, mentally stable, state of mind. (Not Mental collapse).   

I reminded them that Shastra, instead, tells us that if one commits an aparadh, offense, to a pure devotee, THAT can and does lead one to suffer MENTAL anguish. Mental Breakdown. Thus, I told them that in the case of Harikesh, his mental breakdown was most likely due to the result of his having committed Vaishnav Aparadh, and possibly Guru-Aparadha. I told them,   it was Definitely NOT the result of having engaged in pure devotional service.  

Thus,  I told the GBC that if they truly wanted to HELP Harikesh, if they truly wanted to keep him from falling down further, that they should start investigating what, according to Shastra, could be the TRUE cause of his mental collapse. I told the GBC they must investigate and see if he were acting in a way that could be causing Offense to Srila Prabhupad. 
I warned the GBC, if they do not pin point the REAL cause of his mental breakdown, then his Offenses will go unchecked, and he will fall down further and totally and create even Greater offenses. So, I asked them to retract the offensive statement given by Badri (on behalf of the GBC), and to instead investigate the REAL cause of his mental breakdown.   

The result of my letter to the GBC? Many GBC felt that 'I' was the one who was committing the Great Offense because I was questioning the validity of the purity of one of their highly respected gurus.    Ravindra Swarup labeled me a fallen offender, etc. My advice and my analysis were flatly rejected.
But, it was not too long after this that Harikesh did, in fact, fall down completely and openly declared his offensive attitude toward Srila Prabhupad.    

And, it was found that he was having affair with his female therapist. I then got an email from one of the ISKCON gurus who apologized for having taken a stand against me. He told me that NONE of the GBC saw Harikesh's total fall down coming. They 'Believed' he just needed time off and would recover.  This devotee told me that what I wrote, my analysis, turned out to be Totally Correct. He said the GBC really needed someone with such clear thinking to join them. So, he asked me to consider becoming a GBC. This devotee told me he would help push for this. At the time, externally I was sitting on the fence on the rtivk issue, but, internally, I knew the GBC was wrong on this issue.  

What would be the use of becoming a member of the GBC one day, only to be kicked off the next day when I tell them where I stood on this issue? So, I declined the offer. When Harikesh fell, he took lots of BBT assets, money, etc., with him. When the GBC tried to approach him about these things, he threatened them with DEATH. He threatened to Kill his own God brothers, fellow Gurus, and GBC.   He told them he had connections with the Russian and Moscow Mafia members. Rather than Returning they money and assets he stole from Srila Prabhupad, he demanded another $2 million in Black Mail money. He threatened to bring the whole GBC down if they didn't comply. In the end, the GBC relented and GAVE another $2 million of Prabhupad's money to this snake.
In his address to the GBC explaining their giving in to HK's extortion demands Hrdayananda told them that it wasn't all bad news. He told them, in his jolly way, that at least None of the Gurus or GBC were killed, and that even though they had to give Harikesh $2 Million at least he agreed to give back to ISKCON the BBT books that he had stolen. So, Hrdayananda boasted how ISKCON at least got 'something'.   

Got something? ISKCON had already PAID for the the printing of those books, now they had to pay additional black mail money on top of it. This was pleasing to SP? Why none of these spineless men didn't stand up and refuse to give this snake one cent, and trust in Krishna to protect them? And, if they got killed, at least they would have been killed standing up for Srila Prabhupad. Instead, they paid Harikesh extortion,  and protection money.  Not 'Their' money,  mind you,  it wasn't 'Their' money to give, they gave up Srila Prabhupad's money. So, those GBC are just as guilty as Harikesh, because they STOLE that 2 million from Srila Prabhupad to protect their own skin.    

Hrdayananda didn't tell how many books they got back. 1 book,  or 100,000, still, the BBT had already paid for those books. Paying 1 cent to HK was pure extortion money. Why didn't they call in Interpol, or some other means to deal with this snake in the courts or in a legal way? Why not charge him with the crimes he committed? What did HK know that they didn't want him to tell?  

Then, years later, after I moved out of Alachua, Harikesh moved in there. He was invited by his old friend Kirtiraj. I was totally appalled. Kirtiraj was like a big GBC secretary under Harikesh, so, he invited Harikesh to come to Alachua. Maybe Kirtiraj was trying to help his God brother, maybe he was thinking that if HK comes he will associate again with his God brothers and mend his ways. But, it is bringing a snake into a community which could wind up poisoning more devotees. Until HK apologizes and tries to come back on his own,  inviting him could cause even more disaster.
I was visiting Alachua some years back for festival and Harikesh showed up. He recognized me and came up to me to talk 'old times'. I was about to ask him if he had apologized for his raw offensive remarks he made to Srila Prabhupad, but, a devotee was there and saw what my intention was, and interrupted us, changed the topic and ushered me away. He told me that no one can bring that topic up with Harikesh. That when others had, HK gets angry and spews out more offensive remarks about Krishna and Prabhupada. Then what the HELL is the temple allowing such a snake to set foot on Prabhupada's temple property?   

Srila Prabhupad had banned Nitai from coming to any temple, he would have also more than banned this snake. Hare Krishna, Ameyatma das

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the cover up:
STATEMENT ISSUED BY:  Badrinarayana Dasa Adhikary,
ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC),
Acting Chair of the GBC Executive Committee.
July 14, 1998

The Executive Committee of the ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC) regrets to inform ISKCON and its supporters that Harikesa Swami, aged 49, has recently suffered a serious physical and mental collapse.
It is not unusual that ISKCON leaders, when vigorously preaching Krsna consciousness even up to old age, follow the footsteps of great acaryas and tend to become aloof from bodily concerns. Consequently, leading preachers are sometimes afflicted suddenly with ailments that severely limit their ability to continue at their accustomed pace. In such cases, "slowing down" is not a sign of "giving up." Rather, it shows that a "long-term" vision can give a spiritual leader many extra years to preach Krsna consciousness.
Harikesa Maharaja's crisis resulted from an enormous overburden of work, the flare-up of many long-standing physical maladies and a fully committed attitude toward preaching. This attitude caused him to accept many more responsibilities than he could reasonably take on, especially in his weakened condition. We dearly love him and devotees should all intensely pray for his swift recovery. However, it will be some time before he can resume his preaching work. He is regularly meeting with godbrothers and disciples and is in excellent medical care.

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