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My 2011 Ratha report and Vyasa pooja offering (ISKCON) ys pd

I decided to combine my 2011 Vyasa Puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada with my report on the 2011 San Francisco Rathayatra festival.

Dear Srila Prabhupada, here is my vyasa pooja offering and report on your 2011 Ratha Festival, offered at your feet: "I offer my respectful obeisances unto His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, who is very dear to Lord Krishna on this earth, having taken shelter of His lotus feet."

San Francisco is my "power center" in terms of Krishna consciousness because this is where I first met Srila Prabhupada here in 1970. I was helping with the preparations for the Rathayatra festival and had the good fortune to work on projects with some of the dearmost servants of Srila Prabhupada such as Jayananda prabhu. There was a little temple here on Frederick Street and Srila Prabhupada came to give a class. All the devotees poured into the temple and so I was left standing outside the door, but fortunately this was a dutch door, so I was able to lean over the door and hear the class. After the class Srila Prabhupada emerged outside and he looked over at me, and I looked back, and I felt connected to him and I accepted him as my guru in my heart.

Later on, I was formally initiated and he gave me the name "Puranjana dasa." I asked him what that name meant and he said, "You will find out everything later" and so I was a little bit worried about what that name might actually mean. Later on, Srila Prabhupada's "story of King Puranjana" was published and so I began to read the story over and over. As it turns out, Puranjana was a king who had become too attached to his queen. As a result, when King Puranjan died, he became a woman in his next life. Fortunately, in his next life -- as a woman -- King Puranjana was able to realize Krishna and he became liberated.

The "Puranjana story" also has an intricate discussion about how the disciple and the spiritual master can become connected on a very intimate spiritual level, something like a husband and a wife. There is no other writing made by Srila Prabhupada that we know of that details this connection between the master and the disciple in this intimate manner. That part of the story is very intriguing in itself. However, at the end of the story of Puranjana we find Srila Prabhupada discussing how, when the spiritual master departs, there is -- all of a sudden -- an out-cropping of bogus yogis, gurus, swamis and avatars who will artifically try to fill the vacuum of the departed spiritual master. And therefore it is the duty of the sincere disciples to rectify this dis-orderly condition.

So I was a little worried even in 1974, "What will happen after Srila Prabhupada departs? Will there be chaos in the name of bogus gurus, and will I be involved in that disaster"? I felt that the name "Puranjana" was thus connected to the chaos after he departs, and so I kept asking "Has anyone else got the name Puranjana yet"? Well, not yet. Actually, no one else ever got that name. And sure enough, just after he departed, the chaos of the over 200 bogus gurus emerged. So I was able to take great relief from the fact that Srila Prabhupada had fore-warned me of this problem, as he had sort of "armed me with knowledge of the future" -- that this "guru" crisis was about to evolve, and this was all connected to the story of "Puranjana." And so, after Srila Prabhupada departed in 1977, I decided to try to tackle this problem based on his personal direction to me from the story of King Puranjana that "it is the duty of the sincere disciples" to counteract these bogus guru out-croppings.

This bogus guru problem is his clearly stated prediction: "After I am gone there will be chaos." Of course, most of us really did not know how deep rooted and insidious that chaos would be, most of us simply could not have imagined how devious these leaders could become. At the same time, clearly, Srila Prabhupada was counting on all of us rank and file followers of his Krishna consciousness movement -- to remedy any problems that might evolve. He was not simply leaving the entire duty to remedy the bogus guru's problem into the hands of merely one lowly devotee named Puranjana, rather he was really telling each and all of his followers to beware of these false prophets that would be appearing just after his departure. And that is why he published this warning in the story of King Puranjana, so that ALL of his followers could read this book and be part of the process of helping rectify the "bogus guru's problem" that he predicted would occur in his society just after his departure.

Unfortunately, what happened was: just after Srila Prabhupada departed, many of my important ISKCON God brothers compromised with the bogus gurus, and they attacked my efforts to rectify the problems. Simultaneously, many other God brothers simply abandoned the mission of Srila Prabhupada, and they refused to help us expose the corruption and rectify the problems. Most of these folks sort of merged back into the material world. This left only a few of us "dissenting protestors" without much help in rectifying the problems. Therefore, we had to use some very extreme language and tactics to counteract these bogus gurus, and I hereby apologize to anyone who has been offended by our "atom bomb" techniques.

However, our techniques are working, and thus more and more people are rejecting these bogus gurus and they are taking shelter of Srila Prabhupada at this point in time, as we see all over the globe and as we saw evidenced at the San Francisco Rathayatra this year. None of these bogus gurus was being worshipped this year, in fact none of them even lectured, and so most of the devotees went to the tent where Srila Prabhupada's murti was and they were chanting to him and not at all to any of these bogus gurus. Meanwhile, we are creating this same mood all over the planet with a brand new wave of younger disciples of Srila Prabhupada.

More and more "new" people are being initiated as your direct disciples Srila Prabhupada, in places like India, Malaysia, New Zealand and so on, thus our program to promote you as the acharya is working, whether people like our techniques or not. And now some of your devotees are planning on making a new center here in the USA, so your worship is expanding Srila Prabhupada.

In other words, the first wave of post-1977 "infallible pure devotee GBC gurus" wave is crashing on the beach. The second wave of messiahs, the post 1986 "2/3 show of hands voted in gurus" is gradually being forced to admit that they are NOT infallible gurus, rather they are highly fallible "representatives" under the control of a managerial body. So the ISKCON leaders are gradually adopting the ritvik system that Srila Prabhupada ordered, and the system that we are promoting. The upshot is -- that Srila Prabhupada is gradually getting the proper focus of worship and attention that these usurpers tried to hijack. As Srila Prabhupada says, bogus gurus are like fiery comets and meteors that make a big flash in the sky -- temporarily, but then these comets fizzle out and the full moon of the actual acharya continues to shine and act as the supreme luminary. This change of mood is occuring gradually all over ISKCON as the bogus guru comets keep crashing and burning to ashes. In short, our Prabhupadanuga idea is winning.

Lord Jesus Christ had to confront "money changers in the temple," people who were exploiting the temple for profit. And this has been occuring at your Rathayatras Srila Prabhupada. We have had the "Satsvarupa Das Goswami" book table, selling books that say "I have to battle constantly with doubts that Krishna is a myth" and "the more I chant the drier it gets" and so on. Indeed, we have had all kinds of these bogus "guru's" foolish books and tape ministries displayed here over the past years. This year was not so bad, we only had Danavir and his bogus books, and some of the books Danavir hijacked from Kusakratha dasa. Incidentally Kusakratha dasa told me these GBC gurus are mostly "totally bogus homosexuals, womanizers and pot smokers."

Of course Vaisesika is always promoting your changed books, edited by Vaisesika's worshipable hero Jayadvaita swami. Why? Because Jayadvaita swami says that Krishna's successor acharyas are "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children," and thus Vaisesika has been one of the main exponents of this deviated apa-philosophy for the past 35 years. As soon as some deviant like Jayadvaita swami says "Lord Krishna's successors are engaged in illicit sex -- even with children," people like Vaisesika are licking their boots thinking this is the greatest idea ever produced for humankind. The good news? So many people want your original books now Srila Prabhupada, Vaisesika's changed books are losing popularity.

As we all know, you Srila Prabhupada have said that even dogs do not engage in illicit sex with men, women and children, so Vaisesika is basically saying Krishna's direct line of acharyas are not even as advanced as dogs. I simply cannot imagine the dark future of these people like Vaisesika who are saying that dogs are more advanced than God's guru lineage. At this stage, I simply pity them for making these tremendous insults to Krishna and His acharyas. Even the most mundane atheists hesitate to say that God's successors are having illicit sex with men, women and children, because at least these atheists have some minimal respect for God, unlike the vicious attackers of God like Vaisesika dasa and his ilk. As Sulochana used to always say, people like Danavir and Vaisesika are not advanced enough to worship dogs, because dogs are not having illicit sex with children like their bogus acharyas program.

Danavir dasa was here with his "One ISKCON" leaflet, where he criticizes both the GBC gurus and us Prabhupadanugas. Danavir is another person who has self appointed himself to the role of -- "enforcer and advisor" to the acharyas. Danavir is very upset with Krishna who says He ALONE directs the acharyas as the "chaitya guru in the heart." Thus Danavir now challenges Krishna's authority and Danavir kicks Krishna out the door because he claims he is going to take over God's position of dictating to the acharyas. This is amazing, Danavir actually thinks he can "do a better job of dictating to the acharyas," than GOD almighty is doing! Of course if we read Krishna book, we will find that there were a number of similar people who thought they could do a better job than Krishna, so they joined Kamsa in saying -- Krishna cannot do a good job, they can do better.

Incidentally, the "ISKCON Ideology" articles promoted by Danavir are being written by Krishna Kirti dasa (Christopher Shannon), who rejected his ISKCON guru Hrdayananda. Krishna Kirti writes: "For many years I have been an initiated disciple of Hridayananda Goswami. However, on account of recent news of his blessing of homosexual nuptials and his less than straightforward response to the devotee community about his involvement, I have formally ended my relationship with him as his disciple.”
(Krishna Kirti Das, 15/02/2009).

In short, Danavir's main writer is now saying in public that the GBC's gurus are bogus. The amazing thing is that Danavir is actually promoting our idea indirectly, he is saying in public that these post-1977 gurus are hoaxes. And he is encouraging people to reject their GBC appointed gurus. So this is all helping -- us! My dear Srila Prabhupada, you explained how the demons sometimes become bewildered and they actually help the vaishnavas, so this is a good example. Danavir says he wants to defeat your worship, instead he ends up giving US the best arguments for your continued worship!

Yet Danavir has never explained why in 1978 he forced the devotees of ISKCON, and their tender small children, to worship his homosexual child molester guru lineage in the first place? And isn't this how Danavir made ISKCON become divided from square one? Danavir's policy is also how he got thousands of children molested, and subsequently most of these poor second generation ex-children devotees became alienated from ISKCON due to Danavir's policy -- that they have to worship perverts as their acharyas. Who authorized Danavir to orchestrate the mass molesting of thousands Srila Prabhupada's children by Danavir's forcing these ISKCON children to worship child molesters as their acharyas? He never explains? And how will ISKCON "become one" as long as Danavir's policy is that the Lord's successors are behaving worse than dogs? Danavir first of all divided ISKCON into hundreds of bogus guru camps, now he says he wants to keep the bogus guru camps, and still unite everyone? This is hypocrisy.   

In sum, the Danavir's team has been promoting the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's divine acharyas, and in this way Danavir is one of the key persons who divided the mission of Krishna into separated bogus guru cults. Again, how can we become "one ISKCON" by worshipping all of Danavir's hundreds of bogus gurus that he concocted after 1978? Why has he never answered this question since 1978? Danavir's folks also said that the reason people accepted Danavir's bogus gurus is that "they wanted to be cheated." Danavir is thus saying: he has been authorized to enforce the worship of child molester acharyas upon Srila Prabhupada's dearmost five year old gurukula children. Danavir was one of the key persons who vociferously opened up the poor ISKCON children's mouths, then Danavir put a big giant funnel into their mouths, then he poured in tons of homosexual pedophile worship down the throats of these poor children by force, thus these children were starved, beaten and molested, and this is all because -- "they wanted to be cheated" -- by Mr. Danavir?

When did these children say they wanted to be cheated by Mr. Danavir? This is simply layers upon layers of Danavir's lies. In short, Danavir is trying to blame YOU Srila Prabhupada for all the molesting, murder and chaos that HE CREATED. Srila Prabhupada, you said there would be chaos, and now we know WHO would cause this chaos, people like Danavir and his bogus gurus program. That innocent people "wanted" these bogus gurus is the same identical idea BV Narayana Maharaja says, he also joined Danavir and forced the children to worship pedophiles. Then BV NM said, "Too bad, so what, who cares, the children of SRILA PRABHUPADA just got their karma." Except, who authorized Danavir and Narayana Maharaja to create a mass molesting bogus guru cult to attack the children of SRILA PRABHUPADA in the first place?

No wonder many of these children are now clinically depressed and a number of them have commited suicide and so on. Danavir is using the methods of all "child molester enablers" and notice he "blames the victims," just like actual child molesters blame their victims. When exactly did these children who all belong to SRILA PRABHUPADA tell Danavir they wanted him to create a policy for them to be molested, beaten, starved and killed from medical neglect? Sorry these children did not "want to be cheated," rather Danavir wanted to cheat them, and so he crushed most of them to their spiritual death, and now he is proud of that. The good news is: more and more people are becomming aware of the Danavir mass molester guru program and they are rejecting him as a representative of you Srila Prabhupada.

Nrsinghananda dasa (ITV) was also there with his book table. He does at least some good service by distributing Srila Prabhupada's paraphernalia. At the same time, Nrsinghananda dasa has self appointed himself as another "supreme grand wizard advisor to the acharyas." For example, he writes letters to the Sampradaya Sun complaining that the ISKCON acharyas are all promoting Satsvarupa and his whakcy writings and so forth. This means that Nrsinghananda thinks the acharyas are his subordinates. Srila Prabhupada says the entire guru parampara from Krishna is getting personal dictation from Krishna, whereas Nrsinghananada and his ilk think Krishna is too stupid and foolish to manage His acharyas, thus Nrsinghananda has to take over Krishna's job of "managing the acharyas."

In other words, Nrsinghananada dasa publicly claims he is superior to God almighty, because he publicly chastises the Lord's acharyas, or at least he chastises the people Nrsinghananada says are his acharyas. Of course this is identical to Danavir's position, that Krishna is too stupid to manage His acharyas and so they have to take over the job from Krishna. These people are all peas in a PADA.

Nrsinghananda also sometimes says that the fallen GBC gurus were "giving initiations" and these initiations are still valid, despite the guru fell away. Wait a minute, a person is having illicit sex with men, women and children, he then puts on an orange robe, he tosses and banana into a fire, and the disciple's sins have been "absorbed like Jesus absorbs sins" ... by the person engaged in illicit sex? Which scriptures state any of this anywhere? This is simply another boots in the face attack upon Jesus by Nrsinghananda and his pals. People who engaged in illicit sex are "diksha gurus" who can absorb sins like Jesus? This is exactly what Rocana says as well, so all these deviants think God's acharyas are sex mongers, drug addicts, and fallen village drunks. As you said SRILA PRABHUPADA, they have no respect for the acharyas, so they are destined for the most obnoxious regions of the universe! We could say, may God have mercy on their souls. However, since these people give no mercy even to small children, why should God give them any mercy in return?

And over time there has been hundreds of people like Nrsinghananda, Bir Krishna, Danavir, Rocana, Badrinarayan, Svavasa, Sura, literally hundreds of my other God brothers who have ALL taken the same position of saying that Krishna is too stupid to manage His acharyas, since they are constantly taking up the post of being the teachers, superiors, advisors, judges, overseers, and rulers of the acharyas, and they are thus criticizing, advising, censuring, making rude and lewd jokes about, their "acharyas."

So this is a brand new out-cropping itself, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja and their disciples like Nrsinghananda have been "advising" the acharyas since 1977, because their idea is that God is such a fool, He has lost control of his direct external manifestation as the acharya, so they are taking over the post of God and they are the new boss of the "shaksat Hari tvena" gurus. Again Srila Prabhupada, their idea is also crashing on the beach, hardly anyone accepts that these fools are the "superior advisors" to God and His messiahs. They are simply looking like braying asses more and more every day.

Nor is their idea that deviants engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children are capable of "giving diksha" -- and thus being another sin absorbing Jesus -- making much headway.
Their idea is disintegrating before our eyes, thus we see their big acharyas no longer even come forward to defend these bogus ideas, they have left that odious job to their psychophants, paid up lackeys, and various enforcers and slaves of the molester messiahs program. Thus Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja and all of Nrsinghananda's best friends are saying acharyas are mad after illicit sex, drugs, money and followers. Therefore according to their idea, the acharyas under Krishna's controls are fools, because Krishna is a fool. None of this is new, these veda-vada-ratas are described in the Vedas as fools who elect one of their group as their acharya, and then they "manage" their acharyas -- into a sort of guru business.

Again, the good news is that most people are now seeing these people as the total fools they are, they are so puffed up they think they are the boss of the Krishna and his acharyas! Lets face it, these people like Nrsinghananda, Danavir, Svavasa, Hrdayananda, Nirantara, and so many of these types of people, they always seem to have nice big fancy cars, nice houses, a lot of money, hence -- this is all about their making money by saying dog's behavior is more advanced than pure gurus like Jesus, they have made a sort of guru business out of insulting the pure devotees of God.

Shastra says these veda vada ratas, those who make these bogus illicit sex acharyas, they would be better off to have never even heard of the Vedas since their future is worse than the ordinary mundane man's. Yes, all of these bhogus gurus and their advocates like Danavir, Nrsinghananda, Svavasa, et al. they were all stuffing their faces with giant feasts while the children of SRILA PRABHUPADA were being starved and forced to eat rotten oatmeal covered with green mold, until these poor children vomited. This whole bogus "guru" issue is, was, and always will be, all about making tons of money. It still is, this cadre of molester gurus and their dedicated apologists like Nrsinghananda are making money from all this. And that always was and still is their real objective. They will say a dog is more advanced than the acharyas, because it makes them tons of money, they have no concern for ISKCON, the children, the devotees, nothing, they only wanted money all along just like the GAUDIYA MATHA's gurus were simply "a money making business."

My dear Srila Prabhupada, I thank you profusely for saving me from taking any hijacked dollars soaked with your blood from these vultures. I was saved from going to the most obnoxious regions along with this cadre by your grace. I simply have my head on the floor crying in great happiness and relief that you saved me from the future hellish conditions that will be shared by these assembled crooks and thieves.

Krishna's ACTUAL acharyas are often assistants of the gopis, and yet these Nrsinghananda fools are now saying they are the new boss of Krishna and these gopi acharyas? So they are simply exposing themselves as fools every time they write, of course -- notice they barely write at all nowadays because everytime they do write, they look like the asses they are. So we could not help but notice, not many people were listening to these people this year at Rathayatra, their influence is diminishing. Of course, if these people want to go down in history as the senior cheer leading / enforcers / advisors to their -- "enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophile acharyas project," they are welcome to take that title. I am welcome to take the title of being their opponent.

My dear Srila Prabhupada, all of this has been an immense blessing in disguise for me personally. All of this has forced me to meditate on who the acharyas actually are, in order that I could try to defend the acharyas. As it turns out, the acharyas are very great personalities like Lord Brahma, Arjuna, while some of them are none other than "the assistants of the gopis." That means: the gopis and their assistants are not foolish sentimentalists, nor are they spiritual weaklings who avoid confronting bogus rascal guru imitators. All of these great acharyas in your line are the most intelligent of all beings in the universe, and they are the boldest spiritual fighters. I hereby offer my prostrated obeisances to all of these divine acharyas like your good self. Its actually amazing that no one can defeat the "assistants to the gopis" in scriptural argumentation, because the assistants to the gopis are full of supreme knowledge, they are brave warriors for the truth and the ultimate personal examples of all the Vedic teachings. I pray that you give me a drop of their mercy upon my head.

I offer my respectful obeisances to Srimate Kunti Devi, who said she was amazed how she was protected, despite so many calamaties, and she even welcomed such calamaties since this made her think more of Lord Krishna. Similarly, the sincere disciples of Srila Prabhupada were attacked by so many similar calamaties. The giant vulture false gurus first of all ate up most of your devotees; Then your gurukula children; Then they attacked and sold most of the farms -- and put the cows into distress; Then they closed and sold a number temples; Then they bankrupted ISKCON; Then they put many deities into sub-standard ghetto housing situations, and of course they ate up millions of your dollars in the process, and in sum they did everything they possibly could think of to destroy your mission, just as you had predicted -- these same false guru out croppings destroyed the Gaudiya Matha after 1936.

My dear Srila Prabhupada! Certainly, such giant vultures with millions of dollars and thousands of dedicated followers could have easily gobbled down a teeny little stink bug like me, in less than a second. However, you must have requested the Lord to save this little stink bug because there is no way that I'd be "alive and well" at this point in time without your divine assistance. I am shedding tears of joy that you took such good care of this little stink bug. Did I forget to mention? I am a jolly stink bug thanks to you!

Srila Prabhupada you said that the false gurus of the Gaudiya Matha are jackals. Such jackals and Kamsa's servant demons are always trying to sneak their way into the sacred Vrndavana garden, where you and other great acharyas, pure devotees, and assistants of the gopis are residing, to try to hijack your seat in that divine garden. It therefore seems you have mainly given me the job of taking a broomstick to chase out these jackals from your divine garden residence. Some of your disciples have chastised me, that I am making too much disturbance by chasing out these jackals. However, neither you nor none of the bona fide acharyas has ever tolerated ANY rascal jackals posing as acharyas and assistants of the gopis, EVER! So you have set the standards for us teeny and insignificant servants of these divine beings in the garden of the acharya's sabha. I am simply trying to follow in your footsteps of having "zero tolerance" for bogus gurus trying to hijack divine positions. By your grace, we are having greater and greater success at exposing all these jackal gurus because it is your mercy that has made us successful. By your grace I got your last will document, the appointment tape, your letters, the poison tapes, everything was handed to me on a platter by your mercy. You have helped me at every step!

My dear Srila Prabhupada, I am feeling Vaikuntha joy at serving your lotus feet by offering your worship to others as their guru. I thank you for sending me such nice association of so many other Prabhupadanuga devotees like Yasodananda dasa, Madhu Pandit dasa, and many hundreds of others who have joined in the batle against the vulture acharyas that tried to steal your seat, and eat me up as well. As you have said, even if we can convert just one other person into a pure devotee, our path back to Krishna is guaranteed. We are making at present many hundreds of your devotees, and so we hope this will please your grace and allow us to enter the garden where you are residing to be one of the blades of grass there. I hope my head becomes a resting place for the feet of these great souls.

Our love for you will be shown by how we cooperate. And at present we have hundreds of devotees all cooperating to promote you as the factual acharya. By your grace Srila Prabhupada, I am simply trying now to really understand the mood of you and the other residents of Vrdnavana so that I can get your mercy. The wives of the brahmanas left all their material possessions, families and everything to surrender to Lord Krishna's feet. May I have one drop of their mercy! Some of the gopis left their bodies when they were restrained from seeing the Lord. May I have one drop of their mercy! Thanks again and again Srila Prabhupada for your for giving me strength, encouragement, and no small amount of protection in this battle. Factually, I should have been killed a long time ago, but was only allowed to continue soley by your mercy. You have shown me so much love, I am trying to reciprocate but find myself remembering the story of Krishna writing the gopis, He said, I cannot repay your love. I also cannot repay what you have given me. All glories to you Srila Prabhupada! By your grace Krishna is soothing my brain and making me feel very happy, and by your grace and by Krishna's grace, I hope to live up to my title as "Puranjana dasa." Your eternal servant, Puranjana dasa


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