Thursday, August 25, 2011

Japananda dasa writes (ISKCON)

[PADA: More refugee victims of the bogus guru cult.]

Japananda Das Acbsp Poor (ex-guru) Bhagavan dasa. He was a great devotee and sh** ... he was not prepared for such glory. He used (ISKCON) and the best thing he did was to leave ISKCON. He was ashamed of it all ... the problem is that: has he apologized and explained what happened? Neit! We can see the friendship with his former pal Tamal .... all the sh**. I knew him as a Tamal friend, seemed a good devotee, but he was a demon. I imagine Tamal's face when he was pulled from the car wreck by the Yamadutas where he died ... his ambition blinded him and blinded him of his faults. He will have no more to do now than -- to plead that his life in hell is mild. Poor 11 guru squatters and those who follow ... they know they are not gurus anything ... but the disease is so (entrenched). Hare Krishna.

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