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Krishna kirtan / KB Swami /Jvalamukhi / Dallas Lawsuit etc. update

Krishna Kirtan Dasa: They will do this. This PADA is great at trolling too, and in his own way. Watch out for him, he is a notorious hateful spinner. He is a gatekeeper and is trouble. I say right to his face and he knows it. He is forbidden to comment by me since years now. If you keep talking and people make comments, many trolls will show up, so heads up.

Update NOTE: Krishna Kirtan's guru has re-wrote the Bhagavatams and does not promote Srila Prabhupada's. This is sort of what Radhanath does, he promotes his own books, and some of his programs do not display Srila Prabhupada's, at least according to reports.

[PADA: I think we are finally making some good progress figuring out Krishna Kirtan das (and ilk). First of all, he admits that the Dallas lawsuit reduced the ongoing molestation events (because hundreds of kids were pulled out of GBC's schools), and the suicide epidemic dropped almost to nil. And many other ex-kulis agree with him, these are the results of the DALLAS abuse lawsuit, including people like Jvalamukhi.

At the same time, Krishna Kirtan says the Dallas lawsuit should never have been done, which means self-evidently, he wanted the ongoing abuse and suicides to continue. OK that means he and the "Satanic" child abuser program are on the same basic page, they both have the same essential objectives and same results, since both wanted the ongoing abuse and suicides not to be halted -- the way the Dallas lawsuit did. Then these guys wonder why the victims of their ideology "have a bad attitude towards the religion"? Duh! 

And at the same time, these Krishna Kirtan type guys have launched zero lawsuits -- or any other factual concrete programs to fix this mess -- nor have they shown anything of substance since 1977, so they wanted that the one Dallas action that partially fixed things -- to have never happened. Not sure who made Krishna Kirtan the "decider in chief" that children should be abused and die from suicide, and this process should not be halted apparently -- by anyone? As Sulochana said, they are tossing children into a wood chipper, and we need to keep that process ongoing?

Anyway, he admits that the Dallas lawsuit helped fix some of these ongoing abuse and suicide issues (or it did for at least for a large number of victims) but he (and the Satanists?) did not want that result, they did not even want the lawsuit to have happened, which means they wanted the evil process to continue ongoing. Or what?         

Worship me!

Meanwhile, Krishna Kirtan's new hero messiah Krishna Balaram swami said he knew there were major "problems" in these GBC's schools and they thus needed to be SHUT DOWN, apparently even in the early 1980s. For that matter the official 2017 GBC report says there are still "troubles" in their schools and they should maybe be shut down NOW. Yet Krishna Balaram swami took no concrete steps to have these programs shut down that we know of. 

That means these "troubles" have been KNOWN to have been going on all along, apparently up to right now, and apparently right under the nose of Krishna Balaram swami, who has been right there in Vrndavana. And Krishna Balaram swami even admits he KNOWS these gurukuli problems have been ongoing there, thus these schools needed to be SHUT down, so he knew -- more than most other people did. So he is a gate keeper for this crucial information, and yet he squashed it? Isn't this called covering up for crimes? Or what?

Yet neither Krishna Kirtan and / nor his messiah Krishna Balaram swami did anything of substance to deal with these issues, and they still have not. Where is their lawsuit or public protest of these issues? All they are doing is saying they need to shut down our protest of these evil things by stopping us, which makes them on the same page as Kirtanananda and Radhanath, who also wanted to stop us. Parrots? Birds of a feather? 

Meanwhile, Krishna Kirtan is sort hijacking taking credit for helping Jvalamukhi, who was actually helped out of her Radhanath association by one of our direct PADA affiliates -- a lady who still calls us all the time, a lady who talked to me when she was at Jvalamukhi's house helping her by discussing the whole Radhanath process, and I was in the background advising the situation. 

So PADA and our affiliates helped Jvalamukhi, and no credit is given? Worse, Krishna Kirtan is trying to make it sound like the kulis whom we have helped, like Jvalamukhi by our coaching, should not have been helped by us? At all? He wants people to suffer, be abused, and maybe die? He is thus part the cause of these victims "having a bad attitude," because he is as heartless as the GBC, or he is even worse than them, because at least some of them agree these kulis needed some assist from us.     

So we should not have helped counsel victims AT ALL, great, then the Jvalamukhi sector cannot get our help. So, these guys want the victims to suffer and maybe even die? And if some of these folks commit suicide, so what? That is the best plan to fix things? As the Satanists want? 

At the same time, Krishna Kirtan has said that us (and evidently all the ex-kulis like Jvalamukhi) are like "flies going for the stools" because she sympathizes with the Windle Turley case, and she said it helped suicidal people, and she was one of those people.    

Yet Krishna Kirtan says he agrees with Radhanath's folks, we protesters need to be driven off the internet, because saving children from abuse and suicide is a horrible deviation. Well Radhanath's folks say the same EXACT thing, PADA needs to be shut down. Yep! They think alike, talk alike, act alike, because they are alike. Radhanath's people say something, Krishna Kirtan simply repeats what they say.

This is co-enabling child abuse and murder by doing this. Then, after these folks enable child abuse and murder by shutting down and demonizing the protesters, they wonder why their victims blame the religion? 

Its simple for some folks to see -- ok like the police -- who told me, they understand why these folks demonize our protest, these folks want to get us killed, so the abuse party can go on unchecked. Radhanath party says we are notorious hateful spinners, which is how these guys have covered up their whole molesting program the whole time, they discredit the victims and us. 

Krishna Kirtan is their gate keeper, he won't let anyone in to properly protest, he shuts that out, to keep the Satanic folks in power. He is their best defense system, and he has done a good job, his type of actions kept them in power all this time. Yep complaining of child molesting is "notorious spinning." Who knew?

Worse, Krishna Kirtan's mentor Krishna Balaram swami is simply a key part of the "conspiracy of silence" mentioned by a number of other ex-kuli victims. People like Krishna Balaram swami admit they knew, and they did not speak out properly. And now Krishna Kirtan is worshiping a ring leader in that conspiracy of silence process, leaders like Krishna Balaram swami. 

Of course its worse than that, Krishna Balaram swami now says he is the next successor to Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, and so Krishna Kirtan supports these hokey Srila Prabhupada imitations and wanna be's, who are all part of the same GBC style scheme to replace Srila Prabhupada with self - appointed fools. 

Srila Prabhupada said, this imitation of guru is "kill guru and become guru." And Krishna Kirtan is a card carrying supporter of that process. Then they come out and make pretend they are Srila Prabhupada's greatest defenders, when they fully support, and even worship these guru mara vidya fools. "Kill guru and become guru," and Krishna Kirtan is the biggest cheer leader of this program. And that is why shastra says, not only these guru killers go to hell, so do their supporters and cheer leaders i.e. himself. 

Yes, I am the eternal acharya jagat master, any questions?

Meanwhile Krishna Balaram swami says all the GBC's gurus and their followers are going to hell for their guru imitation, then he steps into their same boots and imitates his guru himself? He is doing what they are?

These guru killers are envious of the acharya, and that is also part of the Satanic movement Srila Prabhupada and later on Jvalamukhi have identified. So now Krishna Kirtan is further abusing children spiritually, by sending them off to worship another hokey messiah, which is ALSO what the GBC does. These imitation Jesus are cheating people and they are ALL directly promoting that deviation. 

The only good news is that Srila Prabhupada says that these false acharyas are absorbing the sins of others, and this will cause them problems in this life, and then they will take these accumulated sins with them into the next. So they will pay for this cheating. Of course that means Krishna Kirtan is himself doing EXTREME violence to Krishna Balarama swami himself, by encouraging KB Swami that he is another Jesus who can take sins. He is leading his own guru on a death march to the lower planets, never mind mis-guiding his co-gurukuli pals. And of course we have to be stopped, because we say people need to worship Srila Prabhupada and not Krishna Kirtan's false messiah's project.

In this way Krishna Kirtan is even killing his own guru off by promoting this cheating, his guru will not be able to burn off these sins and it will take him down. Srila Prabhupada said we neophytes cannot take sins, it will cause us to get sick, fall down, or die, and of course "go to the most obnoxious regions" when this is all finished at the time of death. Krishna Kirtan is simply cheating his gurukuli friends, and sending his bogus guru packing off to the lowest regions. And then after he promotes this massive guru fraud, he says we are spinning things? 

So Krishna Kirtan's first idea was to promote the acquiescing with bogus gurukula school fools like Krishna Balaram swami as his guru, never mind their criminal cover up process causes children to suffer, and maybe die. And now their new idea is to give these acquiescing fools the post of acharya, so they will suffer from taking sins, it seems they just want create more suffering, misery and death. No wonder they are against PADA, they are with the Satanic process wholesale, including hijacking the post meant for the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada.   

These people are not Prabhupada's successors, especially when they are participants in the criminal conspiracy of silence to continue child abuse in the holy dham of Krishna. Krishna Balaram swami even wears a beard despite Srila Prabhupada says none of his disciple will ever wear a beard. And:  

** The GBC buried Kirtanananda's carcass in Vrndavana right under KB swami's nose, but do we see KB swami out there making a public protest, or getting his followers to do so? Nope. Rather he says we are bogus ritviks, because we do not want to see these sexual predators buried in the holy dham under Radhanath's regime. Yep, we are bogus for protesting this defiling the holy dham and yet Krishna Balaram swami is a saint for having this odious affair going right on on his front doorstep, just like he had child abuse going on under his nose? Or what? 

*** Does he public protest of the bogus schools there? Nope.

*** Or public protest of the molester messiahs guru line worshiped in the holy dham? Nope.

*** And KB swami is an India citizen, so he can file an FIR on some or all these things, does he ever do so? Does he try to organize the locals to take action? Not that we know of? Why is he acquiescing with all these deviations in the holy dham? Then you guys wonder why people get the wrong impression of ISKCON, when acquiescing with all these deviations is how ISKCON got a bad name from the get go. 

Then Krishna Kirtan said, NONE of the other ex-kulis supports us. This is the worst lie we have heard in a long time, since ALL of the participants in the lawsuit are ALL ex-kulis. Krishna Kirtan even says they support him and not us, fine but he has no lawsuit for them to join? He has zero participants in zero legal effort to curb molesting. Zip. Nada. Zilch. 

According to reports from ex-kulis themselves, over 1,000 wanted to join the Turley lawsuit and maybe even up to 2,000 would have signed on, but it was cut back for technical reasons. Krishna Kirtan means to say 1 - 2,000 people are "no one"? Lets just say, the average person understands that 1 - 2,000 people is NOT no one, only this smart guy does not know this. 

Are we saying "no one" was abused? Or no one's abuse counts? Or these victims are no one in particular important? Why do these folks keep saying all victims are no one and nothing? That is how perps think, the victims are no one and nothing. Victims are no one? That is what mass murderers also say. Yes my victims are -- no one? These guys think like them, act like them, talk like them, because they are them. Yep no one agrees with PADA, ok well maybe a few thousand kulis, maybe a few thousand devotees, maybe a few million karmis, they are all no one?

Then, instead of saying that these problems should be stopped, Krishna Kirtan started crying, oh boo hoo the innocent people will have to pay for the lawsuit! You folks are not innocent people? The people who support child abuse regimes are not innocent people, why does Krishna Kirtan keep saying that they are? Maybe if you innocent folks have to pay money for making problems for others, you will wake up and stop doing that. 

Now you are griping, well sure, we have a lot of dead bodies on the bumper of our army tank, but boo hoo, now we have to pay money for doing that? You are begrudging your regime's victims getting fifty cents? If the fire department breaks down the door of the burning house, to save the victim babies inside, who are dying, Krishna Kirtan is only worried about who will pay for the broken door? The babies can all die, that's fine, but "the poor innocents" will have to pay for the door? So, we are saving shekels and not people, which is exactly what probably a hundred ex-kulis have told me, these Krishna Kirtan guys wanted to save their ill gotten money, and NOT save us!    

Save the door, not the babies inside? 

Yep, Jvalamukhi and others avoided suicide, they lived, and the Satanic think they all deserved to die. Who made them the executioner of all these hundreds of victimized children? Windle Turley wanted the ISKCON family members to live, the Satanic wanted their family members to die. Why do they want to kill their own family members? 

And why do the "demon lawyers" have to save your family, from the hands of yourselves? A number of kulis told me the only reason they have faith in the religion AT ALL is because of folks like me and a few others sticking up for them. And Krishna Kirtan is against that, because he is part the reason the victims have a bad attitude in the first place, the Satanic want the victims to suffer abuse and die, they are the cause of the bad attitude. 

To sum, the Windle Turley lawsuit was the best emergency option we had at the time, we had to break down the door and get the babies out of the burning building. We cannot save the burning building and the babies at the same time, nor did you guys save either. Anyway, I hope you guys saved enough of your stolen from Srila Prabhupada shekels to buy yourselves a new door, but even if you had a trillion dollars, you cannot un-victimize even one of your victims.

ys pd] 


(Radhanatha swami is one of the main leaders of ISKCON)

Jvalamukhi Kopecka: As far as what I expected from Radhanath Swami when I approached him .... I thought, here is this pure devotee, so concerned, humble, and eager to serve. He has so much sway with his God brothers and in the society. Surely when he finds out about the Satanic Ritual Abuse in our society to our children, myself included, he will immediately do something just like our SP would have.
What I didn't know at the time was that he was their leader.

[PADA: These people are the bravest people in ISKCON today, they need to be supported and helped, we gave them a voice all along, and we are going to continue to do that no matter what. No wonder Krishna Kirtan wants to silence us, we are giving folks a platform to speak and he wants to SHUT THAT DOWN. So does the Radhanath process! These false gurus and their fanatics have given us grief all along, because they are not happy to see we are getting people to worship the pure devotee and not THEM! ys pd]



  1. I think you are right prabhu, good point, Krishna Kirtan is angry that the ritviks program is growing, and we are ignoring his bogus "new guru" Krishna Balaram swami, another Prabhupada wanna be fool on the hill.

    So he is trying to discredit the ritviks, thinking we will all run off and worship his own envious of Prabhupada false messiah. In sum, Krishna Kirtan is envious of Prabhupada and so he worships others who are also envious of Prabhupada. You got it!

    Prabhupada says desire for worship is pratistha, and its simply subtle sex life. Meanwhile Krishna Kirtan is encouraging his guru to take sins without authority, which means, he is killing his own guru. Yep! ys pd

  2. Yes, Krishna Kirtan's guru has wrote his own version of the Bhagavatam, Krishna Kirtan does not think Prabhupada's books are good enough? This is more evidence KK does not even care if we promote totally changed and re-written books. Right! ys pd


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