Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pedophile Culture Has Many Levels

[PADA: Article forwarded to PADA by an ex-gurukuli. Has some interesting points. Confirms why Srila Prabhupada is correct when he says "sex life forms the golden shackles that trap the living entity in the material world."

Another devotee writes to PADA, "Its self evident that a sexual predator of any type cannot be an acharya, and its amazing that the GBC's leaders thought they could add this deviation to their guru parampara -- without most devotees being immediately repulsed, and eventually almost everyone catching on, and rejecting their entire program. Was this their plan all along, to make ISKCON so repulsive with their worship of sexual predators as their acharyas, that they could in that way empty out the temples -- so they could then take over the property after everyone barfed, gagged and left? And then they could become rich by taking control of the bricks and stones?"

Right! ys pd

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