Saturday, April 1, 2017

Krishna Vilasini Devi Leaves Her Body

Her Grace Krishna Vilasini Devi Dasi, a disciple of His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada left her body yesterday in Vrindavana.
Locana Das (her husband): I am sure that her lifelong dedication to the service of Krishna will reap many transcendental benefits as she passes on her way toward the Object of her devotion.

We started a temple together in Portland in 1971 and then moved to San Francisco where we had our first child. Krishna Vilasini walked during the Rathayatra festival in Golden Gate Park and gave birth to our baby girl at 2:00 am the next morning. Srila Prabhupada called it “natural childbirth” and named her Ratha.
Krishna Vilasini was a very special devotee. She joined the movement in Berkeley in 1969 and served under Hansadutta Prabhu who was the TP there at that time. She was immediately attracted to Harinam and there are pictures from that period showing her blissful absorption in the Holy Name. There is a video here 

that shows the early days in Berkeley which shows a young Hrdayananda Mj. preaching at the university along with brief passages showing Krishna Vilasini chanting (scroll video to 2:33) and serving prasadam in the temple (3:10) on Durant St. She was a sold out enthusiastic bhaktin whose only ambition was Harinam and preaching. We got married in the spring of 1970, but her heart was in the chanting and I was the attached grihastha.

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