Friday, April 28, 2017

Hanuman says Prabhupadanugas "Worship A Dead Graveyard"

[PADA: Wow! Rocana has been preaching to these poor Hanuman, Ajit, Torben, Kim Moller types, and since Rocana says that Srila Prabhupada is the posthumous, post samadhi, post mortem dead person in a graveyard, ... Rocana's disciples are now saying that too: i.e. worship of Srila Prabhupada is for dead persons in a graveyard. Evidently, not only are pure devotees post mortem, the worship of pure devotees like Srila Prabhupada is only for dead corpses as well. 

According to these folks, Srila Prabhupada is post mortem, and he is thus only worshiped by dead graveyard bodies, that makes the whole process of the Krishna religion dead? The dead worship the dead? Definite proof Hanuman is a disciple of Rocana! 

So Hanuman agrees with Rocana, the acharyas are all dead and post mortem, and his worshipers (the ritviks) are also dead people, self-evidently because they worship a dead person. What to expect when Hanuman's guru Rocana says pure devotees are all post mortem dead corpses in a graveyard, and so now they are saying, anyone who worships the post mortem is also post mortem. Wow! Places us in good company, Srila Prabhupada is post mortem, and so are we!   

Umm, Srila Prabhupada is the post mortem dead person in the graveyard, and so are his worshipers, according to these fellows? Notice that these folks always use the same medical terms to describe an acharya, that the undertaker uses at the county morgue! And who was first to describe the acharyas as posthumous, post samadhi and post mortem, ok it was GBC's folks! Of course they have some nice illicit sex living people for us to worship instead!

This makes the Christians way more advanced than these folks, because they know the guru is eternal, he lives forever, and its an offense to say the pure devotee and his worshipers are the same as post mortem graveyard corpses. Worship of Srila Prabhupada is for the corpse sector? So if the pure devotee is post mortem, and the worshipers of the pure devotees of Krishna are all dead corpses, that makes Krishna also a dead corpse, because the followers take the quality of what they worship. Ooops, except the number of Prabhupadanugas is increasing, because its a living process, while the worshipers of Rocana's post mortem acharya's process, well, its dying out. 

Hanuman das / Rocana ilk etc. also say that "there is no proof that Srila Prabhupada is accepting bhogha offerings, or disciples, so there is no need to offer bhogha or disciples to Srila Prabhupada." So we should stop offering bhogha (and disciples) to Krishna via media the pure devotee, because there is no proof that Srila Prabhupada and Krishna are accepting? 

Of course, only if Srila Prabhupada and Krishna are post mortem, then they cannot accept? Yes, they want to say that Krishna and Srila Prabhupada are post mortem, then the theory -- that they cannot accept offerings -- will work. People should quit their worship of God, because there is "no proof" God accepts their worship. What! Pretty much what atheists say all the time!

So we should offer bhogha, and disciples etc. to -- no one at all? Notice that they never tell us who the bhogha and the disciples etc. should be offered to? Right, because they cannot "prove" that they have a better idea either. So they never name this alleged living person they want us to make the offerings to? Lets face it, they are the living persons they want others to listen to, they are self made messiahs. We cannot listen to the GBC, we cannot listen to the worshipers of Prabhupada, and we cannot even listen to Prabhupada since he is post mortem, we need to listen to -- these guys?

That also means, they want people to eat bhogha and never have any prasadam, ever, because "there is no proof" that the offerings are accepted. Srila Prabhupada says eating bhogha is like eating sinful material! Why do these guys want people to eat dead and sinful material all the time? Rocana tells people not to bother offering bhogha to Prabhupada because its an offering to the post mortem, and now his followers are parroting. And Srila Prabhupada says people who eat bhogha have to stay here in the material world, is that Hanuman's plan?

And! How can they prove that Srila Prabhupada and Krishna are not accepting? 

Anyway, this is amazing, we should not offer bhogha (or disciples) to the pure devotee, because "there is no proof he is accepting." So that means, Hanuman wants us to all eat bhogha and not bother offering anything to Prabhupada and Krishna, because we cannot "prove" that they are accepting? 

Wow! This is what Rocana and Kailash (and Torben and Ajit) are also saying, there is no need to continue the process of offering bhogha to the pure devotee since, there is no proof he is accepting? So we also should NOT offer the new disciples to Krishna because we cannot prove they are being accepted by Him, just like we cannot prove the bhogha is accepted? So how can we have a religion where nothing is being offered to God via His pure devotee?

And worse, our brand new people cannot offer bhogha to the pure devotee either, and thus our folks need to stop making bhogha offerings, and offer the bhogha to -- no one? Why do these people want Krishna to starve? Where does Srila Prabhupada say we should stop offering bhogha or new disciples or anything else to him because "there is no proof" he accepts?  

This is what the atheists are saying, what is the use of making offerings to God, there is no proof He accepts? How can they prove these offerings are not accepting? Anyway, this is amazing, when discussing the whole idea of worship of the pure devotee -- these guys always talk about the same morbid dead things: ghosts, posthumous dead corpses, dead people in a casket, morgues, post samadhi, post mortem, worshipers in a graveyard of dead bodies, etc. They are clearly overly obsessed with death and dying, and so much so, they think acharyas and Krishna are also dead and so "they cannot accept offerings now." 

Yep, now they are simply saying that worship of Krishna and His pure devotee is post mortem, and thus its only for dead people in the graveyard, because Krishna's gurus are also in the dead graveyard! Are these guys watching too many Stephen King Horror movies on the Channel 44 fright night show? Worship of the dead, night of the living dead, zombie attacks, wow that is all they meditate on! Did we forget to mention, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura says its an offense to consider that guru is dead!   

Well jeepers, the real problem for these guys is, we are always gaining lots of new people into the idea they should worship the pure devotee, and our people know that the reason these guys always talk about their dead posthumous corpse worship is, they are dead corpses themselves, and so they think even pure devotees and their followers are just like them. Worship of the pure devotee is corpse worship, for a person who is himself a corpse. Hee hee! And if the ritviks are all corpses, why do they always talk about us? Maybe because we are doing things, and they are not!

Anyway, I am glad they are finally just coming out and saying worship of the pure devotee is worship of a post mortem dead corpse, and he and his followers are all in the posthumous graveyard, that makes their position very clear, this is also what Kamsa, Ravana and others have said as well, so now its clear where they stand. 

So its pretty simple, our idea is spreading and expanding, while Rocana and his idea that worship of Jesus is worship of a posthumous corpse in a casket is simply, not going to be popular. ever! This is amazing, Rocana thinks Jesus is a rotten corpse in a casket and only dead fools would worship such a post mortem dead guy. Did we forget to mention, that is why Srila Prabhupada says that people who consider the guru an ordinary (dead) person, are ALREADY residents of narakah? Hee hee, this is getting great, their real colors are emerging!

Of course Hanuman has had some sympathy for Bhakti Vikas swami, who is voted in as acharya simultaneously with sex with taxi drivers acharyas. Swell! Meanwhile Rocana and Hanuman never seem to show us where their actual program is? Do they have any? And is this because they are telling people, you will have to worship the graveyard of post mortem gurus to get to God? Who wants to join such a religion?

ys pd   

What are these guys watching on TV?


  1. Dear Mr. PADA: Is guru dead, followers dead, Krishna dead, whole thing dead, or are Rocana and Hanuman dead, and guru and his people are alive?

    [PADA: Right! Good question. I also cannot print some of the other comments I got against Hanuman and Rocana since there is too much cussing. Hee hee ys pd]

  2. Right, Hanuman and Rocana never advertise their actual preaching program with many devotees being engaged, its just themselves. They do not accept any living authority other than, themselves. True!

  3. Good question who is Rocana's living authority? Yes, you are right, its himself, he has no other living authority than himself. Who is Hanuman's living authority, its himself, he also never mentions any other living authority than himself. Who is Ajit, Torben and Kim Moller's living authority, its themselves, they have never mentioned any other living authority than themselves, ok sometimes these folks mention Rocana as their living authority, but he has no living authority either? So yes, they are saying what the GBC is saying, you need a livng person, and its me. Correct. Its simply recycling the GBC argument into another package, right. And Srila Prabhupada is post mortem automatically, as soon as they say we need a live person, right. Anyway, they are saying they are the living authority, and so is the GBC. They are on the same page ... ys pd

  4. Right, not too worried about these guys. None of them, especially Rocana, Kailash, Hanuman et al., seems to have any functioning preaching, temples and programs. That is because their idea, that worship of the acharya is the posthumous graveyard deviation, is not too attractive.

    They are really not able to convince people (A) GBC are bogus (B) worship of Prabhupada is the post mortem ritvik deviation therefore, (C) we can only listen to Rocana, or Hanuman. They are the exclusive gate keeper agents of everything?

    Whereas we tell people, they should be independently thoughtful, read the books, worship Krishna and the acharya, and become their own self manifesting agents of self realization. So our idea is able to be spread because it self generates more adherents, and it is.

    How did these guys become the gate keepers to the whole process? So they are acting as the sole agents of Prabhupada, and that idea is also what is wrong with the GBC, and why the GBC is dwindling.
    We have to let people read the books, worship the guru, and follow the process, and if they do, they will come to the right realization because the books and some minimal guidance from the Prabhupadanugas contain all the realization they will need. That was also Prabhupada's process. Its working. ys pd

  5. Hanuman agrees with Gaudiya Matha, Ramesh Baba and the GBC, Srila Prabhupada cannot be the diksha guru anymore. He is with them and he accepts their authority. ys pd


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