Monday, April 17, 2017

Gaurahari Das (Update)

[PADA: I like this one, honest! Willaim Zodda aka Gaurahari dasa was at one time: A Tamal disciple; A ritvik devotee; A Narayana Maharaja devotee (until NM told his wife to leave him and he called NM a wife kidnapper?); Back to being a ritvik; Then being a sort of diksha guru with a couple of disciples -- or maybe not; Back to being a Rasika devotee; Then A promoter of Radhanath swami; Then a full blown born again Christian -- who said Vaishnavas are offenders and we better all read the Bible; Maybe now, back to being a Rasika devotee again, who dances to contemporary music?; OK maybe we got the order mixed up, who can say? And who knows what he was else in between? 

I think there is some desire to love and serve Krishna in the mix here, somewhere, but this is apparently why -- its not a good idea to listen to too many various authorities, or as Srila Saraswati says "not too read too many (diverse siddhanta) books." A person's brain might become many branched, as the Gita says. Hee hee, no kidding!

Anyway, this is what happens when a person goes into the many branched zone, the only good news its, its looks harmless and sort of funny. We wish him well, but sad to say, there are a lot of half baked many branched people out there and we hope Krishna gives them some mercy for at least having Krishna as part of the mix of their consciousness -- somewhere. 

At the same time, he is a full ton and a half better than say for example Jayapataka, who is like the poster child and Krishna's personal "Monkey on a Stick" warning about as to why we should not think we can absorb sins like Jesus. We cannot. Even Gaurahari is WAY better than that lot. 

Good luck Gaurahari, you are on the road to Krishna --- sort of, ok maybe at least you are somewhere on one of the roads that leads to the road to Krishna. Hee hee! ys pd   

No Love for Krishna This is Your Destiny Again & Again from William Zodda on Vimeo.

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