Thursday, April 20, 2017

Alex Jones "Unhinged Conspiracy Theorist"

[PADA: Some devotees over the years have sent me various links to the Alex Jones' "Info Wars" site, with some alarming news story, where he propounds basically some of the Illuminati type stuff , ok same stuff that attracts folks like the Sanat, Mukunda, Prahlad, Janardan, HKC Jaipur types, and even some of our own associates. 

Meanwhile his own wife says he is an unhinged conspiracy theorist? How come these "karmi" ladies are always way ahead of all of these "devotees"? And she says that their children are watching his unhinged show at their house, so its bad for their children. Well yeah ... its basically a lot of hype and hysteria and kids should not be subjected to these rants. She is right. Again!

And now even Alex Jones' own lawyer says he has not been espousing factual and real news, its basically fake news, because the whole show is "a performance act." Yep, many devotees are prone to fake news performance acts, whether from the unhinged GBC's guru side or from the mundane side. 

Its amazing to me that probably hundreds of millions of "karmi women" can see these people are "unhinged conspiracy theorists" while many devotees lap up this news site as real and substantial. Then we wonder why so many "devotees" got sucked into the GBC's guru's fake news program? They did not listen to Srila Prabhupada, he says mundane news is fake news from the get go. He also says acharyas are not appointed, that is the real news. Krishna devotees who are part time Alex Jones' disciples, take note please! ys pd  

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