Sunday, April 23, 2017

Book Changers Revival in India

PADA: As we can see, Jayadvaita swami is worshiped recently as a big hero in India by GBC's clone heads. Here he is with Lokanath swami, who is called "Jokernath" by the female he was abusing some years ago, when she was only 11 years old. Yep, the whole gang is assembling to revive their changed books program by starting new legal actions against the original books, folks like Radhanath, Jayadvaita, Bhakti Caru, Jokernath, Jayapataka, and then we have people who lick the boots of the above like Bhakti Vikas Swami. 

What makes Jayadvaita swami such a wonderful hero for the GBC folks?

1) He says members of ISKCON's guru succession (acharyas) are often falling into "illicit sex with men, women and children." Why does the GBC promote the worship a person who says their succession of acharyas are often debauchees, because they agree with this idea ... why else?

2) The BBTI lawsuit says Srila Prabhupada is Jayadvaita's "writer for hire." Yep, the acharya is the hired servant of Jayadvaita? Really?

3) Jayadvaita asks on a video, "Why in the hell are people chanting Prabhupada's name and pranams at the samsara prayers ceremony"? Oh I dunno, maybe because he is the acharya?

4) Then the Jayadvaita team legally blocked our books from being released from the printers.

5) Meanwhile the JAS program is worshiping Bhakti Balabha Tirtha, whose guru was perhaps the worst person to insult Srila Prabhupada (Madhava Maharaja), and Madhava is the founder of the bi-sexual acharya deviation of the Gaudiya Matha. That what we need in ISKCON, to worship the founder fathers of the illicit sex acharya's program of 1936? Why do they always end up promoting the illicit sex acharya's program's leaders and their disciples?

Of course, we could go on here extolling the other virtues of Jayadvaita's illicit sex guru's program, asking for example, why are they teaching little children that God's guru successors are often illicit sex debauchees? Is this part of the official ISKCON legal charter, statement of purpose, and / or corporate description, "Henceforward, little children shall be taught to worship an illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara." Where is this stated in any official documents? 

Its not, its fraudulent misrepresenting of Krishna and the Vedas.

Thus! What I would do, had I the facility and organizational powers in India, I'd start a fraud lawsuit in India. I would say these people have no authority to say Krishna and his guru succession are an "illicit sex with men, women and children guru lineage," and worse, to say Krishna's successive acharyas are often debauchees and deviants is an insult to the Vedic teachings of India, never mind its a total attack on Srila Prabhupada himself, he never agreed to this idea. And do we want the people who say Krishna's successors and India's holy saints are often debauchees, to be in charge of India's Vedic literatures?

Therefore, Jayadvaita is attacking India and its heritage, and he is discrediting the India culture and values world wide, therefore, he should not be handed off the job of re-writing the Vedas of India. Probably this would get into the press media and they would have a field day with this issue. 

And lets not forget that Radhanath is, according to his ex-disciple, not even displaying Srila Prabhupada's books at his programs because they are "too controversial." And who is Radhanath? Oh I forgot, he is the ex-henchman of the worship of another illicit sex acharya, Kirtanananda, and who buried this sexual predator in the holy dham. We need to bury debauchees and sexual predators in Vrndavana? More evidence for a court case over there, they worship known sexual predators as their messiahs in the holy land. 

Then we have guys like Yadubara and Visaka, who according to some associates, told some people recently they should cooperate with the "Krishna House" in Gainesville. Right, that's where they full on worship the GBC's illicit sex with men, women and children messiah's spokesman / book changer / and so-called acharya Jayadvaita swami. Why does Yadubara think its a good idea to tell children they need to worship his illicit sex debauchees messiah's programs, ... because he is another Jayadvaita clone head himself? And why doesn't Yadubara even know that God and His successors are not debauchees? Ever! 

Poor fellow Hanuman thinks we need to worship Bhakti Vikas swami, because he kisses the feet of all these people and he worships the founder father of the illicit sex acharyas / book changing / Third Reich book removal program named Jayapataka.

Of course ALL this begs the question, why do they want children to worship illicit sex with men, women and children guru lineages, and to re-write the Vedas to suit that agenda? Anyway, this is all fraud, its not what Krishna says, He never says the path to ME is to worship the JAS, Yadubara, GBC's molester messiahs project. So its simple, take that argument to court and sue them for fraud, and have them barred from the legal rights to control / edit / re-write the Vedic literatures. Anyone who says the Vedic acharyas are often having illicit sex with men, women and children has no authority to control the Vedas, and we think a court in India would agree. ys pd

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