Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ISKCON Gurukula Child Drowning Incident


Mathura, Apr 25 (PTI) A 13-year-old boy karthik of 7th class drowned in the swimming pool of a boarding school run by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISCON), police said today.

The incident took place yesterday when Kartik, a 7th class student in Delhi, was taking a bath in the pool of the Bhakti Vedanta Gurukul and International School (BGIS), Vrindavan station incharge Uday Pratap Singh said.

The victim’s friends alerted the school staff when they spotted him struggling in the waters, he said, adding the boy was rushed to a hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

“Prima facie it is a case of negligence on part of the school management as no trainer was deployed near the pool at the time of the incident. Only, the school vice principal, who is not a trained swimmer, was present at the spot,” Singh said.
The body has been sent for postmortem, he said. The police added that no FIR has been registered in the case so far as no one (to date) has come forward with a complaint.

[PADA: Usual story, there are hundreds of millions of dollars on hand to pay for lawyers, and to make sure these lawyer have plenty of nice new Mercedes, while there is not fifty cents in the empty cupboard to hire a qualified supervisor for their school children. 

Plenty of bucks for the $400,000,000 Dallas child abuse case.
Plenty of bucks for the $20,000,000 suing Bangalore case.
Plenty of bucks for the Syracuse case where they were sued for fraud.
Plenty of bucks for the BBTI lawsuit, allegedly, over $1,000,000.
Plenty of bucks to defend their foolish disciples in the Karnataka case.
Plenty of bucks to sue devotees for printing original books -- and to block these books from leaving the printers.

No bucks to hire proper care takers for children? 

And now the 2017 GBC report says they might have to close these schools due to so many troubles there, well yep, the first trouble is, you have never given this project proper funding? ys pd] 

Did we forget millions on hand for salaries?

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  1. The pool was apparently full of muddy type water, and people would not have seen a person floating under even a foot under, because the water was opaque? So the children there were also not aware he was under? And this is also because the pool area "is in bad repair"? But the GBC's lawyers have new Mercedes? What! ys pd


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