Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sivarama's book available: Prabhupada's books, not available?

PADA: Yep, a number of devotees were discussing this, and they said this cover does look a lot like a Bollywood poster. Its Mother Yaosda? Anyway, whatever this book is, its not Srila Prabhupada's. And the GBC is suppressing the printing of Srila Prabhupada's original books, while making their own books widely available. 

Yep! You can always buy Satsvarupa's "the more I chant, the drier it gets." Or how about "I have to battle constantly with doubts that Krishna is a myth." Or Sanitorium, a novel about SDG's illicit sex escapades with a women he ordered to divorce, so he could "get his grimy hands on her tatas" according to her ex-husband? Or how about "Vanity Karma," Jayadvaita's writng about the Bible, after his essentially saying the Christian idea is the bogus ritvik idea?

Meanwhile, devotees who want original books are being kicked out of places like Gainesville temple, because they do not support this bogus books industry? And our original books are being legally blocked at the printers, so we cannot get them. Sivarama's books are not being blocked by the ISKCON GBC, just Srila Prabhupada's?

The only good news is, some devotees are at least criticizing the cover of this above book, that is a start. Yet, they have to go to the root issue, the books of the acharya are being suppressed while all these GBC guru's produced books are being forwarded instead. That is the real issue here. ys pd


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