Saturday, April 15, 2017

Poison Issue Summarized

Well sorry prabhu, (a) Srila Prabhupada says that someone is giving him poison; (b) everyone in the room agrees he is saying someone is giving him poison; (c) he says he has the symptoms of a person who is poisoned and the kavirajas and others agree; (d) they were whispering about poisoning him -- as has been confirmed by audio forensics -- and some of these whispers are heard even without the enhanced audio; (e) they hid these 1977 tapes for that reason; (f) Tamal told SDG that he was requested to give Srila Prabhupada something to make him disappear (poison) etc. 

As for folks like Brahmananda saying there was no poison issue, the real problem is that for many years people like Brahmananda supported the bogus GBC's and their false appointed gurus and their false appointment claim, and he was greatest friends with guys like Satsvarupa. SDG was writing all these bogus GBC position papers, that in my opinion was the greater substantial manner in which Srila Prabhupada and his teachings were eliminated, he was essentially replaced by a pack of motivated fools. 

I was protesting out of the gate in 1978, and I was told by a number of people how Brahmananda was supporting the appointed guru concoction and I saw his name associated with them in their documents for a number of years. He went into their camp and became a big defender of their guru claim. much to my peril, I could have been killed as well. 

If they would kill his children like me, why not also kill the father, the pure devotee, or anyone else. And I think they would kill anyone to get their way, that is my opinion. Srila Prabhupada says, just like they killed Jesus, they may kill me also. He knew their mentality. I explain here how they hid the issue, and how Tamal, SDG and others claiming that conditioned souls are the successors to the acharya is another form of poisoning him herein.... ys pd 


Right, for Brahmananda, Hansadutta, Rupanuga, Bhakti Caru and many others, to to say "I was right there and 11 gurus were appointed" has created havoc. YES. They were right there. Did they hear properly? NO. 

On the other hand, NO, we were not right there, but we heard properly, no gurus will be appointed because that is the Gaudiya Matha's deviations which destroyed their mission. So we challenged right away, this guru appointment is bogus, and it is. 

"Being there" does not automatically equal hearing properly, and we should all know this by now. The way out of speculation is to hear what was actually said by Srila Prabhupada, and that is what we are promoting. We got the tapes, the conversations, the letters, the will, and that is what we are running on, not the memories of people who did not listen properly in the the first place. 

Gargamuni says now that we should all be ritviks, but Brahmananda was the 1978 seargent at arms for the false 11 guru's appointment, that means, they listened -- fine -- but only much later on, AFTER we began to present all these evidences, THEN they and others agreed LATER ON. 

As Srila Prabhupada says mental concoction results from NOT HEARING properly, they got sucked into the bogus guru appointment, because they had not been hearing properly. Did they hear the poison issue properly either? Not likely. And if Brahmananda is correct, Srila Prabhupada died of a broken heart because the leaders could not wait for him to die, why did Brahmananda and co. promote the people who broke his heart (and killed him) as his guru successors? ys pd


  1. Thats great. But at the same time, Gargamuni himself says that the reason Srila Prabhupada died is because the leaders were all waiting for him to die so they could take his position, and that is how the leaders killed him, by breaking his heart.

    So, the same people who killed him, either breaking his heart or with poison, were then promoted by Brahmananda as his 11 guru successors, and Brahmananda was their enforcer, the 11's seargent at arms no less. So what is troubling is, why would the people who killed him by breaking his heart then be promoted as his successors?

    In other words, there are gaps in this history that make no sense. Therefore our history sounds better, because we back it with documents. Yes, they loved Prabhupada, but they did go along with the bogus appointment, and this has never been explained properly. The people who killed him by breaking his heart, are his successors? ys pd

  2. I think a lot of this has to do with the psychology of denial. Gargamuni says the leaders killed Prabhupada, but he can only say they killed him by breaking his heart, not further tactics.

    He can't say they went further, but they did get rid of him by some techniques, that Gargamuni agrees.

    However, once a person dies, the culprits are equally guilty no matter what methods are used? Your honor, sure our victim is gone, but we did not use worse methods, so we are not guilty of too much criminal malfeasance?

    The judge will say so what, the results are the same?, you guys are guilty parties of causing an untimely death, the techniques you folks used are not the issue. The real issue is, we all knew that Srila Prabhupada does not trust the GBC, he wanted to send Tamal to China, many are having sex like horny rabbits, Prabhupada said mostly they are not chanting, many are having women in their office, some sannyasa are even falling into eating chickens and putting the left over bones on the maha plates ... so ... why did Brahmananda and his team support that these same group of folks are now the "appointed successors to Krishna"?

    Gargamuni is in denial in my opinion, he cannot face up to the fact they supported the people who killed Prabhupada, broken heart or other technique are not the real points. An untimely dead body speaks volumes about the people around the body, techniques used are not the issue and a judge would tell you that. ys pd


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