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RE: Rupanuga Replies to PADA

Rupanuga (Robert F. Corens) Was deputed by Srila Prabhupada to keep the foxes out of the ISKCON hen house ... instead what happened was ...


This is from Rupanuga Prabhu in response to PADA's accusation of his responsibility for Sulocana's murder:

Srila Prabhupada created, as part of the original GBC, a permanent “Privilege Committee” to handle devotee grievances, disagreements, misconduct, and so forth.

[PADA: A GBC Privilege committee would not apply to handling "complaints against the acharya"? Srila Prabhupada never started a guru "grievance committee" which Rupanuga and Rocana were part of in 1986 -- and which they called their "50 man committee" of "guru reform." Srila Prabhupada says the guru is pure and it is an EXTREME offense to consider that the guru needs the advice (or reform) from any conditioned souls, much less "committees" of conditioned souls who regularly make debauchees into their acharyas. 

There is no mention of any guru legislative committee that would regulate the guru? OK its Rupanuga's party's concoction. This simply proves that Rupanga thinks acharyas are subject to their committee's rules and legislation. Meanwhile, their committee did not deal with the actual problems properly, these crises went on and on and on anyway, until New Vrndavana was raided by the police, and they were sued in court for child abuse -- and so forth. The police and courts have had to contain their wayward acharyas and policies more than anything they are doing, in fact they barely did anything of substance. 

In short, Rupanuga's "guru reform committee" idea is an oxymoron and its not something that actually exists in any of Srila Prabhupada's writings. Now Rupanuga is back to saying acharyas are often deviants who are creating grievances, disagreements, misconduct and so on -- because acharyas are often fools and debauchees, and thus Srila Prabhupada wanted a guru "grievance committee" to contain these guru deviations. This never happened!  

Then again, Rupanuga's messiah's deviation and criminality containment committee is pretty much asleep at the switch, since the criminal containment has to usually come from the karmi's media, police, and courts. Really? Srila Prabhupada made some sort of guru fix-it "committee" to contain and regulate the fallen actions of Rupanuga's rubber stamped acharyas? There is no evidence any such guru legislative body was ever created? Yep! There is no mention of any guru regulative committee -- anywhere. Of course Rocana and Bhakti Vikas Swami et al. think there is such a committee made by Srila Prabhupada, ok but where is this mentioned? 

First of all, Srila Prabhupada says that the guru must be pure, or else he is not a guru. And thus the guru does NOT need reform, censure, suspension etc. And moreover it is guru aparadha to consider that gurus need correction and the monitoring of some concocted committee for fallen behavior. So Rupanuga's whole idea that Lord Krishna's successor gurus deviate and have to be corrected, censured, monitored, reformed, removed etc. by a committee -- and this is Krishna's and Srila Prabhupada's idea is -- an insult to Krishna and the parampara. Where does Krishna say His guru successors need to be under the control of a regulative committee?  

Even Bhakti Vikas swami recently said that Rocana is right, that their acharyas will regularly deviate and need to be reigned in, contained, censured, suspended and controlled by the votes of their committee. Why are they making deviants into their acharyas in the first place, and then trying to band-aid and contain the damage with their guru reform and control committee? And what happens if the results of their false guru cults are thing like -- child abuse, divorce, suicides, arrests, court cases, bankrupting of ISKCON, and maybe a few murders, what is the plan to "reform" and fix these results? Rocana and Rupanga ilk are very keen on promoting their conditioned soul acharyas process, not so keen on fixing their mess? 

Anyway! There is no guru reform, guru monitoring, guru censuring, guru removing etc. committee mentioned ANYWHERE in any of Srila Prabhupada's works. Hansadutta told me that is correct, there is no way that Srila Prabhupada would have said that the acharya is now all of a sudden subordinated to the GBC's oversight, rules and committees, its a BIG LIE.  

Anyway this is good news. at least now Rocana, Rupanuga and BVKS admit in advance, their gurus are often deviants who need constant oversight monitoring and correction. Where does Srila Prabhupada establish such a guru monitoring committee? He doesn't, Rupanuga's team concocted this process wholesale. Worse! If the gurus are often deviants, why bother even trying to become a kanistha? This is dis-empowering the whole process. Is this their plan? 

Then again! Assuming that acharyas need correcting, why would they need correcting by Rupanuga's team, who reinstated sex with taxi drivers as their Vishnupada acharya and messiah in 1986? Why doesn't Rupanuga's "guru reform" team not know that sex with taxi drivers is not the qualification of Lord Krishna's acharyas, messiahs and Vishnupada successors, and thus this behavior should not be reinstated as the process of the guru parampara from GOD? Bhakti Vikas swami, Rocana, Rupanuga ilk keep saying this process continues the parampara. OK, so sex with taxi drivers in the holy dham continues the parampara from God? Where is any of this stated in shastra? 

Rupanuga's guru reform team reinstates their sex with taxi driver messiah's process, and simultaneously excommunicates us. Great. That places our lives in danger ... we are the bad guys, while sex with taxi drivers are the good guys and Vishnupada acharyas that we keep and reinstate? 

And! Srila Prabhupada "started a committee" to legislate, censure, suspend, reform, monitor, remove and excommunicate Krishna's successors and acharyas? This is bunkem on steroids. He never mentioned that there would be ANY such a committee to legislate and control the acharyas.]    

RD: As a member of that committee the GBC assigned to me Sulocana’s complaint that Kirtanananda had initiated his wife without his permission while he (Sulocana) was away.

[PADA: Kirtanananda was a sexual predator, how was he giving diksha initiations to anyone at any time? And why wasn't the GBC educating people that Sulochana is right, these 11 people are not qualified to give initiations? And why does Rupanuga still say Kirtanananda was appointed as one of these 11 diksha gurus, aka God's chosen ones, when there is no evidence he ever was? 

And isn't it a fact that saying Kirtanananda is God's appointed chosen successor -- is how Rupanuga's ilk co-started the whole violent cult process there in New Vrndavana? And now Rupanuga's pals buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi, ok, sexual predators are their idea of acharyas ins samadhi? Then they wonder why there is illicit sex running amok in their society, so much so, Jayadvaita calls Rupanuga's guru parampara "illicit sex with men, women and maybe children." Their cup runneth over.]

Kirtanananda, Kuladri, et. Al. were interviewed, including Sulocana. Sulocana was told that a decision would come soon with a hint it would be in his favor. He was requested, at least for the time being, to cease his vehement criticism of Kirtanananda publicly – because I felt that his life was in danger.

[PADA: Oh great, so Rupanuga basically admits he co-created violent guru cults that were banning, beating, molesting and killing people. And since he had said these 11 are God's messiah successor gurus, he co-created this entire violent personality cult program, which has been murdering people. Why didn't Rupanuga go to the police and tell them Sulochana's life is in danger, and try to save his life? 

And my life was not far behind on their hit list, in fact the FBI folks said I was "next on their hit list." That means Rupanuga knew his bogus guru cults were going off the rails, and our lives were in danger, and yet he failed to go to law enforcement to help us out, clearly he wanted us to hang out to dry, and that is what happened. The good news is the local police knew that Rupanuga's guru program was out to "get me" -- so they did undercover surveillance on me and they arrested the goondas who were sent after me. Otherwise, I'd be dead thanks to Rupanuga's violent appointed messiahs project.

Same thing with the gurukuli children abuse issue, we said that there is a big problem, Rupanuga's reformer's team chopped our protest legs off, and even excommunicated our protest, and thus these problems simply exploded. None of them ever went to law enforcement that we heard of? Worse, they reinstated one of the pillar participants in the child oppressing infrastructure.]

Sulocana informed me that he was armed and I told him that assassins don’t care about that, and he should calm down until the decision came out, and then take it from there. He was again cautioned about Kirtanananda’s fanatical followers. 

[PADA: Ok so this means the GBC was well aware that people could get assassinated for challenging their homosexual and child abuse guru's program. That means it was their duty to help us and report all this to the FBI, West Virginia Marshalls and etc. and get us into police custody and protection. Instead, they buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi and made many of of his former henchmen like Radhanath their new wave of gurus. They rewarded the criminals and their enablers and henchmen.]

Subsequently, the decision was that Kirtanananda had committed an offense to Sulocana by ignoring the standard etiquette between Godbrothers therefore creating a disturbance by overriding Sulocana’s relation with his wife and his authority and rights as her husband.

[PADA: This GBC's "guru assisted divorce" process was going on left, right and center all over the society. Rupanuga's bogus 11 were initiating people and breaking up marriages all over the planet. Worse! This was leaving many hundreds of children vulnerable to abuse, and there was a huge problem with that by-product as well. All of this is the result of Rupanuga enabling and empowering this guru regime, and he still says these 11 were the appointed "God's chosen ones." He is still empowering their deviation, that means he has not learned from their odious results.]

This official decision, probably released by Sulcana himself, was published in the local newspaper. In response, Kirtanananda wanted to cancel his invitation to host the reform meetings being held then in New Vrindaban (Mid 1980’s). Devotees from all over the world were present, including the GBC. Kirtanananda, for fear of being considered “Anti-Reform” allowed the meetings to continue. The decision in Sulocana’s favor that he wanted, became well-known to the devotees and the public, which was humiliating to Kirtanananda, as it should have been.

[PADA: Right, well a TV news lady interviewed me and she showed me filmed footage of the New Vrndavana meetings, where Kirtanananda was seated in a big seat covered with the hands of maybe fifty boys. and how did you guess, a bunch of "reformers" were there as well. You reform guys did not notice that a gay man should not be covered with the hands of many boys? 

The TV lady noticed this was a severe deviation in two seconds. She said this is pedophile heaven, and some of your reform guys were apparently there and did nothing? She said she would have pulled that man off the seat all by herself if this was in her church. 

She thought all you guys were chanting "Jaya Bhaktipada" -- at least that was her perception of this event? The reformers did not notice that a gay man should not be seated on a big chair covered with the hands of boys, and that this was dangerous for the entire society? But this TV news lady noticed this right away? Why? Because she is not begging to get a used dog bone from your bogus messiahs, so she was able to see what you folks did not see. And your program still does not see, because your pals buried this fool in a samadhi.] 

PADA’s statement that I was responsible for Sulocana’s death or that I had voted for his excommunication is false. Sulocana was standing up to Kirtanananda, as many devotees at that time were doing, in the face of the guru totalitarianism in ISKCON. Balavanta and I were meeting with some of the reformers and encouraging them on.

[PADA: Nope, Rupanuga just recently said that Kirtanananda was one of the annointed 11. And the GBC recently buried KS in a samadhi. What kind of reform are you guys operating here? And again, if you said these 11 are gurus, you created the totalitarian regime, its got your fingerprints on the murder regime's weapons. And Sulochana was excommunicated by your reform team, so Sulochana said you REFORM guys had "painted a bull's eye" on his back. He was right. He was killed right after you reformer guys sent him down the river.]

In fact, I presented a signed and notarized affidavit to the GBC, obtained from a disciple of Bhavananda, stating that they had a homosexual relation on the appearance day of Srila Prabhupada in Mayapur several years earlier. The GBC dismissed Bhavananda from all of his posts, including guru and GBC, but reduced it to suspension when the leaders from Australia approached the GBC and threatened they could not guarantee that book distribution would go on there in Bhavananda’s zone, which was one of the leading distribution zones in the world.

[PADA: Well who cares? If people want to worship sex with taxi drivers, let them leave. These are not the people we want in our society, and allowing some of these types of people in -- that is how the mass molesting was created.] 

These two incidents demonstrate that I was duly functioning as a member of the Privilege Committee and my personal strategy while remaining in the GBC was to push for reform.

[PADA: Except there is no such thing as a guru Privilege Committee, guru reform committee and etc.? The guru has to be censured for sex with taxi drivers? What kind of gurus are you rubber stamping here? And meanwhile, the molesting issue was not resolved, and this went on to become a $400m lawsuit, because you folks were not getting rid of these people either. And you still have not, Bhavananda, Hari Sauri, Jayapataka and others from the odious Mayapura regime -- are still there.]

Undoubtebly, Sulocana was warned by others that his life was in danger. My duty was to take his complaint seriously, which I did. My duty was to warn him that his life was in danger, which I did.

[PADA: No, your duty is to report criminal actions to the police, such as child abuse, death threats and so on and so forth.]

PADA’s duty as he sees it is to denigrate anyone who speaks against Ritvikism whenever he can, on the spurious theory that if Ritvikism had been practiced from 1977 on, the problems in ISKCON could have been avoided.

[PADA: Well Jayadvaita says that the GBC has been promoting the worship of illicit sex with men, women and maybe children, you do not think that has caused any of your problems? You think worship of Prabhupada is the deviation, and your deviant acharya's program is the solution? You folks have the blood of thousands of devotees on your hands because you folks killed their spiritual lives, if not killed them direct because many of them are now dead actually -- from mortification over this disaster, never mind the dead kulis and etc. This is the result of YOUR folks promoting this bogus guru's REGIME. And Sulochana is simply victim number 2,089 on the list.]

By inventing as well as exposing faults in ISKCON he believes he is proving that point. But actually Ritvikism, the dismantling of the traditional parampara system, that system thoroughly explained in Srila Prabhupada’s books, has only greatly contributed to the chaos following Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance.

[PADA: Here we go again, Rupanuga's sex with taxi drivers guru parampara is the tradition, yep, its called the tradition of naraka loka, which is where Srila Prabhupada says their sex with taxi driver guru's programs will end up.]

Those who tire of PADA’s ad hominem, “guilt-by-association” accusations are welcome to visit for relief, a website for those who prefer more of a voice of reason and a ring of truth about Srila Prabhupada’s mission and history.

[PADA: As soon as anyone wants to worship Prabhupada direct, he is banned, beat, sued or murdered. And this is thanks to Rupanuga empowering their regime by calling them gurus and God's successors.]

- Rupanuga Dasa, ACBSP (1966)


  1. Yes, in 1986 there was a "50 man committee" who called themselves the "guru reformers." And people like Rocana, Prithu, Rupanuga, Trivrikrama swami, Vipramukhya swami, Gunagrahi swami, Jayadvaita swami, Mahatma das, Satsvarupa das goswami, Bhakti Vikas swami, Suhotra swami, Gaura Govinda maharaja and similar others were on the reform side -- and many of them were later on voted in as gurus themselves. Yep, they were ALL voted in as gurus by the self-same recoronators of sex with taxi driver messiahs.

    It seems like they were just upset that they had not been appointed as gurus themselves. At the 1986 guru reform meeting they reinstated Bhavananda and excommunicated Sulochana, and voted in a bunch of these "50 man committee" folks as gurus. So the whole idea that gurus are voted in, voted out, suspended, censured, monitored, removed, excommunicated and so forth was all cooked up around this era as part of the reform.

    Sulochana said, "they HAD 11 Frankenstein monsters, NOW they are making many more. Will me and you be able to survive their zombie apocalypse"? Hee hee, Sulochana used to say these gurus and their followers are "the zombie patrol." So this was Sulochana's conclusion, the GBC ilk like Rupanuga were making very deadly and dangerous Frankenstein guru cults and he said me and him would be very fortunate if we could survive their program, at all. In other words, he knew they wanted to kill both of us because we wanted to worship Prabhupada and not help the worship their illicit sex acharyas. And that is why the last day we met, a few days before his murder, he told me, I will probably never see you again, and we need to split up or they will get us both together. One of us needs to survive to tell the story.

    Sulochana knew the zombie patrol was after us. Yes, now Rupanuga is saying Srila Prabhupada wanted and ordered these 11 bogus gurus (cults), that means Rupanuga is not taking responsibility for himself co-creating dozens of Frankenstein zombie guru cults, which hunts down and then bans, beats, sues or murders the Vaishnavas. Sorry, Srila Prabhupada did not make these people into dangerous messianic cults, Rupanuga and his team did by annointing these folks as gurus. Are these folks just ignorant, or do they do this on purpose to destroy ISKCON? Yep, good question. Ask Rupanuga. ys pd

  2. Rupanuga is simply making things up. There was no appointment of 11 Madhyam gurus, and besides that, Madhyama's are not falling down left, right and center. He does not even know what a Madhyama is. The 11 have been worshiped as Uttama Acharyas in any case, and not as Madhyama. Crimes were going on left, right and center, including crimes to children, and Rupanuga makes it look like there was some sort of privilege committee that was investigating all these issues and fixing things, but their committee seems to have been mainly in charge of covering up crimes, and keeping the criminal regime in power more than anything else. That is why they removed us and kept their sex with taxi driver acharyas. Sulochana said that the reformers had painted a bull's eye on his back, so he was a target for murder, and he was murdered. Rupanuga makes it look like Sulochana was suffering from paranoid delusions. Nope, he knew that they were promoting these GBC as acharyas and anyone who questions could be dealt with violently, and he was dealt with violently, in other words, Sulochana knew that the real purpose of Rupanuga's committee was to suppress dissent and keep the deviants in Vyasa seats so their criminal empire could survive and flourish, and that is what happened. Never mind Rupanuga's main job since 1977 is to make it look like Srila Prabhupada made a huge mistake by appointing conditioned souls as acharyas and "I was right there when the 11 were appointed as gurus." OK, so he was right there when a huge mistake was made by the actual acharya, and he appointed conditioned souls as his and Krishna's successors? So this is the whole problem with Rupanuga, he is not a truthful person, and his lies kept the criminal messiah's program going and upheld the vicious regime that was banning, beating, molesting and killing the vaishnavas, and the blood of all these people is on his hands because he supported that regime. And he still does. ys pd

  3. Right, Rupanuga was deputed specifically by Srila Prabhupada to make sure that we did not follow the 1936 Gaudiya Matha's process of making conditioned souls into gurus. Srila Prabhupada told us that their post-1936 false guru program caused that mission to rupture and disintegrate, and there was beatings and murders of dissenters -- which was duly posted in the India newspapers in the 1940s creating a huge scandal. So Rupanuga's people knew all about this false guru problem because they were specifically told about these Gaudiya Matha folks over and over and over.

    Then, in 1977 the GBC goes over to the Gaudiya Matha, and declared Sridhara Maharaja as their senior advisor, but Rupanuga already knew he was the ring leader of the 1936 false guru's deviation. Rupanuga should have blown the warning sirens then, ISKCON should not be making conditioned souls into gurus, and we should not be consulting the founder father of the 1936 bi-sexual's guru deviation and etc.

    Instead, he became the biggest advocate of the bogus guru appointment and their senior advisors from the Gaudiya Matha. So Srila Prabhupada says that when a person is entrusted to care for other living entities, like a shepherd, and the shepherd marches off the flock of sheep to the slaughterhouse, this is one of the worst sins of betrayal there is, its a betrayal of trust.

    So Rupanuga was deputed to guide the ISKCON flock away from the bogus guru's program's slaughterhouse, instead he marched the citizens of ISKCON over to the false guru program's slaughterhouse, and people were then chopped up mercilessly. So he is one of the people very much responsible for this process in ISKCON, because he was specifically deputed to make sure this would not happen. Srila Prabhupada says the shepherd who marches the flock off to the slaughterhouse is the worst example of a betrayer of trust, and this is what Rupanuga did, he marched the innocent ISKCON citizens off to their spiritual and many times even material deaths. I agree, he really has not explained why he has been doing that very well. ys pd


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