Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cost of Silence (Ex-gurukula's Video)

Thanks prabhu, The Vedic maxim is: You become what you worship. A society that worships sexual predators and their enablers will not be able to erase that problem. We cannot simultaneously worship a problem and remove the problem. 

The larger community supported the worship of sexual predators and their enablers all along, and still does. For example when me and Sulochana said there is a molesting program in New Vrndavana, we were immediately challenged by the same fanatical enablers who were subsequently given the post of gurus and managers even after this all came out. So if the enablers and henchmen of the abusers are being worshiped as gurus, that means the society is worshiping enabling abuse and molesting. 

Worship of a deviation spreads the deviation, that is the maxim of the Vedas. We become what we worship, and worship of enablers and their henchmen spreads that deviation, its a fact of Vedic culture. This is what happened in Mayapura as well, worshiping abusers brought in large quantities of more abusers, the problem cannot be removed if its enablers, justifiers, help mates, hand maidens etc are still worshiped as good as God gurus. We become what we worship, its a maxim that cannot be defied, its an eternal fact. ys pd


  1. An ex-gurukuli wrote to tell us that many of the parents have been asleep at the switch too, in particular, this kuli's parents "did not care at all about these problems."

    Yep, so when some people complain "PADA's language is WAY too strong," meanwhile some of the victims said, nope, PADA was not nearly strong enough.

    So it depends on where you were in the middle of all this issue whether you think PADA was somewhat strong, very strong, too strong, totally obnoxious strong, or totally wimpy and not effective at all.

    Well! You cannot please everyone, as the saying goes. Anyway, at least we tried, which is more than most did. I am still amazed that people like Kamsahanta, Bhaja Hari, many others and their ilk think we were way too strong, they just don't get it. Maybe they never will. ys pd

  2. The problem in Dallas and ilk is that they have for example Jayadvaita's teachings there, and he is teaching the children of ISKCON that their guru parampara members are often "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and possibly children." Why are they teaching small children that their gurus and God's successors in their parampara are often debauchees? This is corrupting the morals of minors in itself. And the idea that God's successors and gurus are often debauchees is not only perpetuating an abuse culture, teaching small children that their gurus are often debauchees is abuse in and of itself. Again we become what we worship, thus teaching people that they need to worship a debauchee guru lineage is going to keep this problem afloat indefinitely. You'd need to teach children that their gurus are always pure, and they should only should worship the pure, that is also the actual Vedic idea. Teaching children that God's successors are often debauchees is child abuse right out of the gate, its abusing their religious perceptions and twisting their ideas of sex and intimate relations. ys pd


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