Monday, May 9, 2011

My new plan to deal with Tripurari swami of Philo CA (ISKCON)

PADA: My new program of dealing with Tripurari swami. Its about time for me to step up to the plate and start dealing with Tripurari swami since he cannot seem to understand that I have been treating him with pansy flake kid gloves all this time. He has been for years attacking us for worshipping Srila Prabhupada, of course that means he also says the Christians are bogus ritviks, while he has been promoting the GBC's messiahs and was trying to be voted in by them, and he supports fools like Sridhara Maharaja who also supported the GBC. Perhaps its time for me to make a video "Philo Swami attacks Jesus" and place that video on a number of video sites including my own sites, and explain to people on that video how Tripurari was trying to get voted in by Kirtanananda when KS was seating himself right next to a deity of Jesus, covered with the hands of fifty little boys. Then Tripurari surrendered to Sridhara, the person who supported a homosexual guru in 1936, and many homosexual gurus after 1977, and he says acharyas (people like Jesus) are going mad after money, women and followers, and how Tripurai's teaching people that messiahs are mad fools after sex and drugs, and messiahs are sex fiends, caused murders including the murder of Jayatirtha, the previous guru at the Philo farm, as well as molesting and so forth. Then I can send the link to this video to all the Church pastors in Philo by email and snail mail, and to the newspapers there, and to all the main government leaders of that area, as well as to all the local wineries, businesses, and so on, and tell them to watch this video and see what their friendly neighbor has been up to for the past 35 years, supporting a pedophile messiah club that has had 230 Jesus's who are out there having illicit sex with men, women and children, and get the good people of Philo to help me save Jesus from being insulted one more day from this cult and its leaders. I would like to give Tripurari a chance to make a deal with me, so he should write me ( or call me (707-477-4102) ASAP, or else I will go ahead with my own plan to fix this mess. Hee hee! ys pd


  1. Puranjaya dasa, don't just talk about it. If this
    fellow Tripurari is a rouge as you say than you
    should not wait. Fix him first with your video plan then ask questions later.

    Hare Krsna.

  2. Thanks, I like to give them a chance because then they cannot say, we never asked them to make a deal. We offered them a deal, they refused, so we went ahead. Krishna and Balarama also did that at Kurukshetra, They tried to offer the Kauravas a peace plan, so later, no one could say Krishna did not give them a chance. Anyway, I am working on the video because most likely they do not want a peace plan, we all know that. ys pd


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