Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ISKCON's homosexual pedophile messiahs club mis-states facts

This is a letter from Dayarama, the lead enforcer of the "illicit sex with men, women and children" messiahs / acharyas club. He says that Madhu Pandit (Bangalore ISKCON) is the person who has initiated all the lawsuits. No, the GBC lost their court case and Dayarama folks appealed. The bogus GBC initiated this current lawsuit to defend their pedophile messiahs and acharyas program. They also initiated a separate suit which they lost in the Delhi courts recently, Dayarama says MAdhu Pandi initiated  these lawsuits, he is lying. Notice that Dayarama admits they have been spending millions fighting in the courts "for the past 12 years." There is no money to pay the molested gurukula victims, no money to get rid of the bed bugs, mice and rats out of the temples (I just found out that there are rats in a temple in Australia) -- there is only money for lawyers and courts? Anyway the Bangalore devotees got a stay order, and they can now appeal to the high court in Delhi. This is amazing, this Dayarama fellow wants us to worship his illicit sex with men, women and children project as our messiahs, so why isn't Bangalore folks simply saying, we do not want to worship Dayarama's illicit sex with men, women and children as Krishna's succesors and messiahs program, and have these Dayarama folks and their child molester worship defending lawyers beaten with shoes by the citizens of Bangalore? Notice, the GBC never dreams of suing me, they cannot take a person to court who points out that their messiahs are: child molesters, genital suckers, criminals, assistants to murders, people who are getting murdered for having sex with followers wives and so on. ys pd  


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