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Update on the Bangalore Case


May 20, 2011 — BANGALORE, INDIA (SUN) — The most important news is that the High Court of Karnataka will finally give their verdict in the ISKCON vs Madhu Pandit case on May 23, 2011 at 2 PM. The judges can give three different verdicts.

1. They find in Madhu Pandit's favor, in which case it then proceeds to the Supreme Court of India.

[ PADA: Notice, the GBC started this lawsuit in 1997, and is now proposing that even if they lose, they will start yet another lawsuit in the High Court. They have already been suing the devotees for more than 14 years, and now they want to go on spending -- unlimitedly -- more time and more money -- suing the vaishnavas. One of their followers even told PADA that the GBC will sue the Prabhupada devotees of Krishna "more or less forever." ] 

2. They find in ISKCON's favor, but because Madhu Pandit will appeal to the Supreme Court he will ask the High Court to grant him a "stay order", meaning that the status quo remains and he will keep the Bangalore temple while the Supreme Court is hearing the matter.

[ PADA: The courts may find in favor of the illicit sex messiahs program? Lets hope not! ] 

3. They find in ISKCON's favor, but because Madhu Pandit will appeal to the Supreme Court he will ask the court to grant him a "stay order", but they do not grant it to him, which is likely, if they believe it to be a fraud case. (The court would not want to continue to perpetrate a fraud). He will then have to work very hard to get a petition together to bring to the Supreme Court of India, at which time he can ask them for a "stay order."

Because of the legal complexities involved it will take him at least 5 days from the time he gets the High Court of Karnataka's judgment in his hand to the time he can approach the Supreme Court of India and ask for a stay order. In that 5-day window it is possible for ISKCON, with the order of the High Court of Karnataka in hand, to take back the temple that Madhu Pandit usurped. Then, even if the Supreme Court issues a "stay order", the status quo with ISKCON in possession will continue while the Supreme Court hears the case. This would be to Madhu Pandit's great detriment.

[ PADA: Meanwhile some ISKCON temples have been rented out as Bingo halls where meat is being served so they can make money, claiming they have no money. Yet there is always money for expensive lawsuits! The GBC likes to feed their chicken tikka eating lawyers, apparently making sure that lawyers have nice Mercedes in more important than getting the mice and rats and bedbugs out of some of their temples, they are worshipping lawyers. ys pd ]


  1. All rascals are in iskcon mumbai very unfortunate for bangalore now but prabhupad is with us as a guru and we will surely win with truth and honesty.

  2. Rahul,pl mind ur words read d judgement copy clearly .dont come to an conclusion with MPD pretty words & intresting classes.ask him to answer all the legal questions asked by court.if he would have produced u would have won.
    dont offend devotees u will never advance in spiritual life.


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