Friday, May 6, 2011

GBC Elitists meet in Australia (ISKCON)

[PADA: Apparently the GBC is holding a special meeting in Los Angeles for the "Prabhupada reunion" where they are going to write another "position paper" on their siddhanta. Wow, after 35 years they are going to figure out what their philosophy is! ys pd] 

May 05, AUSTRALIA — On the 20th May 2011 in Sydney Australia, and providing everyone shows up, those who could be termed Iskcon’s elite, will be given a golden handshake some ballons and individual fireworks displays.

Orginised by Kurma Dasa Iskcon’s most famous chef, this 40th anniversary will begin with an elitist style reunion dinner and followed over three days with vintage films, slideshows, tours of the temple, blissful chants and a picnic. We all may wish to ponder this percieved form of superiority, that their intellect, their social and financial status was to be far more important than the goal of Srila Prabhupada’s Mission of giving Krishna Consciousness to each and every person of the World.

The sense of entitlement, control, enjoyment and domination should never be underestimated for the men and women who are oh, so fortunate, as to have the honorific of ACBSP after their Iskcon name. Rest assured all of you OTHER followers of Srila Prabhupada, the whole purpose of Lord Krishna’s, Pure devotees, Mission, was to have regular elitist reunion gatherings, to demonstrate the importance of an ACBSP member.

The discussion that you will not hear at these elitist gatherings are things such as the fragmentation of Srila Prabhupadas Movement and what these so called ACBSP elitist members will do in the future to halt this. Fragmented things such as the hindu-ising of Iskcon and fleecing the money of the Indian community, the changes to Srila Prabhupada’s books, Srila Prabhupada’s implemented Ritvik system, the voting in of bogus gurus etc etc, the list since 1977 goes on and on.

One would think that these things are far more important for Srila Prabhupada than the niceities of elitist dinners, slideshows, and golden handshakes that re-enforce bogus ideas about perceptions of entitlement. Kurma Dasa (not the chef)

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