Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maha guru of the universe, ooops! ys pd

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  1. Is this fellow Virabahu Dasa from one of those
    gbc band of self serving, self glorifying as
    good as god ' spiritual quacks '.

    These gbc fellows should be considered as devotees
    of Maya based on their perverted thoughts and
    actions. They have no idea what Krsna Consciousness is all about neither do they have any idea who Krsna Himself is. All pretenders.

    Its just too bad for their followers who don't know why they are devotees, of whom they are devotees and like herds of bisons they are all
    following their maya conscious leaders to the
    hellish planets.

    Next life after that become worms, snails like
    above, stool flies, etc. etc. etc.


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