Saturday, May 28, 2011


PADA: Yes, you said that the Windle Turley lawsuit, which stopped the suicide epidemic, was wrong, of course because you wanted children to die. Why else would you say that? And now you say, a lot of them are dead spiritually because your guru's team had them molested. And the same people who orchestrated all the molesting and homosexual gurus are still in charge. Now you say, nevermind why these kids are dead spiritually, that means you are an apologist for the molester regime. I do not say, never mind, I say, they are responsible for what happened to these kids and they are, this is called the laws of karma. Jayapataka was eating like a hog and he weighed 300 pounds because he was eating too much food, and the children in his care were being starved, now you say, we should not care about that? Why are you defending the leaders of the starving, beating and molesting of children regime? ys pd  

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